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Dematic Multishuttle® 2
Flexible – modular – adaptable. The Dematic Multishuttle® 2 provides more throughput in less space and can dramatically increase speed, accuracy and throughput in warehouses, factories and distribution centers.
Pacific Brands
Seasonal and promotional variations have a huge effect on the volume of work passing through a DC so Pacific Brands made flexibility and scalability a key driver in their DC design and operations.
Dematic RapidStore® is an innovative, modular Automated Storage and Retrieval Solution. Engineered to increase operational performance and redefining the way inventory is stored, sequenced and buffered.
Goods to person
With the right order and volume profile, facilities can realize significant productivity gains and reduced storage space requirements by employing goods-to-person picking.
Pick by Voice
With accuracy rates of 99.9% or higher and an improvement in picking productivity of up to 35%, voice picking systems are an economical choice where there are a large number of SKUs to be serviced.
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Creating Logistics Results

4 Walls & 2 Windows Approach

Dematic designs, builds, & life cycle supports logistics solutions that optimize material & information flow - from receiving to shipping, within the four walls of the factory, warehouse, or distribution center.


Dematic offers a consultative holistic engineering approach. This method drives the development of nonbiased, data driven logistics solutions that optimize the user's supply chain. A typical Dematic solution is built around process improvements, material handling technology, and software. System configurations may be manually operated, mechanized or automated.


Our single source, vertically integrated capability reduces time, cost, & risk. This is accomplished by owning & controlling design services, real time WMS and WCS software, material flow technologies, along with best in class engineering, project management, & customer services. Dematic is dedicated to improving logistics results. To that end, we guarantee successful system performance.


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Free Facility Audit
 Free Facility Audit

Improve Operations


Allow Dematic to conduct a free facility audit and we’ll show you how our new generation of order fulfillment technologies can work for your environment and budget. 


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Dematic Logistics Review
 Dematic Logistics Review


Flexibility, Modularity & Scalability


Welcome to the 9th edition of Dematic Logistics Review, our customer magazine designed to give you an insight into the rapidly progressing world of Dematic and the success of our customers around the globe.  


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