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Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light

Maximize Order Picking Productivity - Boost Accuracy and Productivity

Maximise Order Picking Productivity - Boost Accuracy and Productivity

Easily visible lights located directly on the storage slot indicate where the next item is to be picked, and a display signals the number of items to be retrieved.

After retrieval, the order picker acknowledges the process by pressing a button, and the display switches off. All information is exchanged in real time with the master materials management or warehouse management system. 

Pick-to-Light Systems 

Light displays direct operators to specific stock locations 

Pick-by-Light systems, sometimes called Pick-to-Light systems, use light displays to direct operators to specific stock locations. Each product location can have an individual numeric or alphanumeric display with a light, an acknowledgement button, and a digital readout for indicating quantity. Other configurations allow fewer or more simplified displays to reduce the total cost.

In a typical Pick-by-Light system, the picking sequence starts at the beginning of a zone where the operator scans a bar coded address label attached to the shipping carton or tote. The display tells the operator which products to pick and how many of each. The operator confirms picks via acknowledgement buttons.

Put-to-Light Systems 

Light displays guide the operator to put stock in an order 

In Put-to-Light systems, sometimes called Put-by-Light systems, light displays instruct the operator where and how to allocate stock to orders, allowing efficient picking from bulk stock. The operator scans each product and flashing light displays at each location indicate which containers require that product and how many items to put. Confirmed put results are updated to the system in real time for host system updates.

Typical businesses using a put system include retailers of general merchandise, apparel, grocery, convenience foods, sporting goods, and personal care items.

Benefits of Dematic Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems

Traditional picking methods are one of highest expenses when operating a warehouse. Dematic can help lower that cost through its leading edge Pick-to-Light systems. 

The implementation targets of our picking systems are:   

  • lean processes 
  • shorter throughput times 
  • fewer errors 
  • cost savings 
  • increased customer satisfaction 
  • faster ability to supply 
  • process transparency

Dematic offers both fully automated solutions and also solutions for manual warehouses which help our customers to achieve these targets. 

You can benefit from our expertise gained from many types of projects over the years. See how our customers got to know picking not as cost factor but as competitive advantage with high saving potentials. 

Intelligent approach towards capacity variances 

The Pick-to-Light system is flexible enough to cope with capacity variances - before order peaks become noticeable. Various calculation methods, intelligent order management and integrated additional options ensure that our customers get the maximum from their investment. 

Dematic Pick-to-Light offers numerous options for planning, controls and analysis of the daily volume of orders. Required zones and pickers can be calculated due to the analysis or envisaged despatch times can be considered when planning orders. 

Management of displays, confirmation buttons and a controller is integrated in the Pick-to-Light software. An automatic monitoring of the hardware helps provide error analysis.