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Ergonomic Pick and Put Stations

High-Rate Goods-to-Person Solutions

High-Rate Goods-to-Person Solutions

Delivering items directly to an operator eliminates the unproductive time staff spend travelling, and also minimises human error.

High Rate Put Stations for fast movers

High Rate Put Stations are tailored to fast moving product lines. Directed by a pick-to-light system, staff fulfil a series of orders concurrently. This is only possible where sophisticated sequencing software and controls seamlessly supply the right stock to the pick face, precisely when it is needed. Pick rates of up to 450 lines and 1,000 items per hour are possible. This approach is well suited to high volume applications where the same product line is needed to fulfil several orders, such as multiple retail outlets in fashion or publishing.

High Rate Pick Stations for slower movers

The High Rate Pick Station is suited to the requirements of slow moving product lines within a DC. Fed by Dematic’s new high throughput Dematic Multishuttle storage and retrieval engine, these stations can deliver pick rates of up to 1000 lines per hour. This means one person at a pick station can do the work of up to ten people in a traditional picking operation. Furthermore, building footprint is cut by up to 50%.

Benefits of High-Rate Pick and Put Stations:

  • Very high pick rates 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Modular design facilitates future expansion 
  • Reduced pick system footprint