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FlexTruck Voice

Seamlessly Integrate Wireless Picking Technology, with Automated Guided Vehicles

Seamlessly integrate wireless picking technology with Automated Guided Vehicles

The Dematic FlexTruck Voice solution combines laser-guided pallet trucks with a voice directed system to increase picking productivity for case picking applications. 

The FlexTruck Voice solution upgrades pallet trucks to driverless operations using industrial grade laser guidance systems. At the start of an order, the FlexTruck delivers a new pallet directly to the picker, automatically moves with the Voice-equipped picker as they verbally confirm picks, and transports the completed pallet to shipping while the next FlexTruck brings a new pallet to the picker. 

Because non-value adding activities, including retrieving a new pallet, driving a pallet mover in the pick aisle, and transporting a completed pallet to shipping, are completely automated, allowing pickers to remain in the pick aisle and concentrate on the task at hand, travel distance is reduced and productivity is increased by up to 100%.

The FlexTruck and wireless terminals are managed by Dematic software which is integrated into an operation's Warehouse Management System (WMS).

FlexTruck Voice can be implemented into new systems or upgraded to existing systems, delivering the most optimal performance available for a manual picking operation.

Benefits of FlexTruck Voice:

  • Doubling of picking productivity, up to 400 cases per hour per picker 
  • Increased order picking accuracy
  • High flexibility 
  • Ease of upgrading and optimising manual systems 
  • Improved operator ergonomics and safety 
  • Reduced product damage 
  • Reduced truck and rack damage 
  • Real-time transport and picking management 
  • Reduced truck energy use and extended battery life 
  • Flexible to changing operational requirements 
  • Applicable to new and existing sites


Where it fits

Applications for Pick Guided Vehicles


As pallets are received they can be taken away by AGV's, possibly through volumetric pallet scanners to check the integrity of the pallet, and put away into bulk or pick locations as directed by the WMS/WCS. 

FlexTruck Voice is also capable of putting away at height. 


FlexTruck Voice can move received pallets from goods-in to the cross-docking location where they can be deposited ready for loading or de-layering. FlexTruck Voice can also be used in conjunction with a picker to pick-by-line (or pick to zero). In this scenario the truck drives itself to each location that requires product to be put to. The picker can receive instructions as to the quantity to pick via Voice or mobile terminal. 

Waste Disposal

Waste containers around the DC can be setup to be emptied. Full waste containers can be taken directly for disposal and replaced with empty containers. 


If all picking is currently carried out manually, FlexTruck Voice can be introduced to transport picked pallets from a drop-off point to shrink wrapper devices and direct to the marshaling area. 


When the WMS requests a real-time replenishment of a pick location the AGV can be instructed to drive to the bulk location, scan the pallet to check its validity, and then transport that pallet to its pick location. There it can either insert the pallet into the correct pick location or leave the pallet by the location to be put away manually (to facilitate the moving of the remaining stock onto the new pallet). 


Trailers can be directly filled by FlexTruck Voice which can load pallets singly or two at a time into the designated trailers.