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Automated Guided Vehicles

Dematic Transport Systems move material throughout your facility in a timely, safe and highly flexible manner.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Dematic AGVs provide reliable, automated material movement when space is at a premium, flexibility is critical and operational efficiency is an imperative.

Dematic’s comprehensive range of AGVs include fork vehicles, unit load, VNA, and specialty vehicles to move material through your facility in a timely, safe and flexible manner.

AGVs should be considered under the following circumstances:

  • In non value-added material movement applications
  • When the use of manually operated forklifts is not appropriate
  • Where consistent and stable loads need to be transported over long distances
  • For applications requiring steady and continuous throughput
  • In process automation applications
  • For transporting and sorting loads for dispatch
  • As a reliable, consistent interface to ASRS 
  • Where they can contribute to a safer working environment

Available in a variety of configurations and capacities, Dematic AGVs come with a complete array of safety features exceeding workplace safety requirements. All models are powered by 48VDC industrial batteries. A variety of battery and charging options are available to ensure the system meets operational requirements

Dematic AGV Benefits

  • Wireless laser guidance for high flexibility making it easy to implement path changes in dynamic environments
  • Automated control for reduced staffing
  • Laser scanning bumpers for enhanced safety and object detection
  • Touch screen display for quick and easy diagnostics
  • Windows-based control system with real time visual display
  • Automated battery management system including battery charging and battery swapping. 


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