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Circular Sorters

Highly Accurate, High Speed Sorters for Transporting a Diverse Range of Goods

Circular sorters can be designed to handle throughputs exceeding 20,000 items per hour, and can accurately sort a wide range of products from large parcels down to small loose items, to hundreds of delivery points.

They are generally considered more flexible in terms of layout, throughput and expansion options than other sorter types. Circular sorters can negotiate turns, inclines and declines, utilise carriers multiple times per circuit, and be easily expanded with additional induction points and sort lanes with minimum disruption to an existing operation.


Quad-Belt Sorter

A High Performance Sorter for Very High Throughput Applications 

Tight-Turn Unit

Tight-Turn Unit

Sortation System with Split Tray/Dual or Single Tray Technology for Large and Small Items