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Providing Solutions That Meet Your Specific Industry Needs

Dematic is a global logistics solutions provider serving key industry sectors.

We aim to be the leading supplier of logistics automation in each of these sectors, trying constantly to ensure that we understand the trends within the industries we serve. From this we aim to develop our technologies, logistics software and automation solutions in order to add maximum value for each of our customers. 



Improving Distribution Operations for Fulfilling Orders Direct to Consumers



Automated Mixed SKU Pallet Solutions That Reduce Labour and Cost

General Merchandise

General Merchandising

Solutions for Store Replenishment, eCommerce and In-Store Order Fulfilment


Fast and Accurate Omnichannel Order Fulfilment Solutions 

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Minimal Touch Solutions to Build Pallet, Layer and Case Orders Efficiently



High Productivity, High Volume, Low-Cost Conveying and Sorting Solutions

Wholesale B2B


Integrated Solutions for Low to High Volume Operations

Durable Manufacturing

Durable Manufacturing

Reliable and Efficient Material Handling, Storage, and Buffer Solutions

Non-Durable Manufacturing

Non-Durable Manufacturing

Picking Solutions for Cost-Efficient Store and Aisle-Ready Orders


Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Order Fulfilment Solutions for All 3PL Operations

Parma & Healthcare


Fast, Accurate Order Fulfilment to Meet Cut Off Time and Tracking Requirements 

Document & Collection Management

Automated Technologies for Efficient and Accurate Document Storage


With over 70,000 SKUs, the pick face for a manual operation would have been massive and we would have been continually changing it; automation improves efficiency threefold.

Manager of Global Business Solutions,

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