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Pallet Conveyors

Heavy Unit Load Conveyor Systems

Dematic pallet conveyors are heavy unit load conveyor systems that have the durability and versatility to work efficiently in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Whether you need to transport, stop and accumulate, reorient, or stage loads, Dematic has the technology and expertise to develop and maintain the ideal pallet conveyor system for you.

Roller Transportation Conveyor

Our roller transportation conveyors are designed to handle everything from pallets and drums to work-in-process containers. They are built to resist heat, dirt, oil, and other contaminants. 

Chain Transportation and Accumulation Conveyor

Chain conveyors are used when the bottom of the load can be bridged across its width. Two, three, and four strands of chain are offered for positive load location and transport. 


Pop-up chain and roller transfers are used to divert heavy unit loads at right angles by lifting and transferring them. The transfer remains inactive when product needs to pass through a junction. 

Transfer Cars

Transfer cars handle distribution, supply, and order picking functions at conveyor line heads or between conveyor lines and palletising stations.


Powered turntables with chain-driven rollers ensure that loads can be reoriented when material flow lines intersect or change direction.

Benefits of Pallet Conveyor:

  • High throughput rates
  • Wide variety of load weights and sizes 
  • No line pressure 
  • Simple, quiet, reliable operation
  • Easy maintenance