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Storage & Buffering Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems - Buffering - Racking & Shelving

Dematic offers a complete range of storage and buffering solutions from racks and shelving to a diverse selection of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). Capable of handling pallets, totes, trays, bins and cartons, Dematic storage and buffering solutions are available in single or multiple-depth storage.

Dematic storage systems range from simple racking and shelving solutions, through to integrated pick modules and fully automated high-rise pallet and case storage, retrieval and picking systems.

High-bay pallet racks

High-bay, narrow-aisle racks provide the most cost effective storage solution to optimize the use of available land, typically reducing land and building costs. Ideally applied to bulk reserve stock storage applications, high bay racks serviced by high speed cranes like Dematic RapidStore are an efficient and secure means of storing and handling palletized goods.

Multishuttle and Miniload Racks

Dematic designs, specifies and integrates high-quality, purpose-designed racking and shelving systems for high throughput carton and tote buffer stores equipped with RapidStore Miniload or Multishuttle systems. All racks and shelving are manufactured to very high tolerances and are precisely installed to ensure an accurate interface with high-speed automated cranes and shuttles.
Dematic’s modular, flexible and scalable storage and buffering solutions are designed to support your business needs today and well into the future.

They offer a wide range of business benefits including:

  • Better space utilization
  • Higher labor productivity 
  • Eliminate the need for manual slotting/reslotting
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced inventory shrinkage and theft