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Center for innovation and client orientation – Dematic opens new Customer and Technology Center

Dematic, the logistics solutions provider, has opened its new Customer and Technology Center in Offenbach. A highly informative supporting program including a logistics congress, the introduction of product innovations, plus an extensive exchange of views and expertise with specialist from trade and industry ensured a successful event.

On June 10, 2010, with some 200 invited guests from the economic and political sectors, as well as a technological thunderbolt, Dematic opened its new, cutting-edge customer and technology center in Offenbach. In addition to numerous new products and setting up a complete multifunctional installation for efficient intralogistics, the solutions specialists demonstrated for the very first time a practical application using their innovative development, the Dematic Multishuttle Move. An absolute market first, the demonstrated prototype for decentralized control and auto-control of material flow systems is equipped with an unmanned automatic guided vehicle (AGV). The AGV moves freely around the warehouse and can pick up and deposit totes at any number of stations – the basis for the intralogistics of the future.
Explained Uwe Geissinger, CEO Dematic Central Europe, in his opening speech, "With this new customer and technology center we have implemented a concept that is unique in Europe for allying production and customer oriented transparency. "On the one hand, the TechCenter is dedicated to the research and development of economical and environmentally compatible solutions. On the other hand, together with our customers, we can conduct live trials with state-of-the-art automation solutions and fine-tune them to the precise requirements of those customers". In his own opening speech, Offenbach’s Lord Mayor, Horst Schneider, also emphasized the significance of the TechCenter for the Dematic Group and welcomed its having been set up in Offenbach as "a clearly positive signal for the location".
Live demonstrations on the new customer and technology center were a definite highlight of the inauguration event. Guided tours through the facility provided guests with insight into the latest Dematic innovations. Many were highly impressed by the technological refinements of the Multishuttle Move, which gave a practical demonstration of the dimensions of future application potentials. Careful note was also taken of new market roll-outs from Dematic, in particular the new RapidPick picking station, or the Modular Conveyor System (MCS), which have been integrated by Dematic into the TechCenter and presented to the public for the very first time.
The new customer and technology center is directly integrated into the over 14.000 m2 of the company’s production shop. On two levels, the Offenbacher solutions specialists can use their complete installation to demonstrate typical, business-critical material flow scenarios to customers from trade and industry. The installation has been devised so that continuous material flows from goods storage via sequenced picking, price marking, order consolidation and buffering, right through to optional fully or semi-automated palletizing and conveying the shipments to a goods outwards point are possible. Moreover, depending on specific customer requirements, different scenarios and systems combinations can be simulated, using various containers such as bins, trays or cardboard boxes.
The opening of the TechCenter was incorporated into a sophisticated logistics congress with speakers from the scientific and business sectors, which the company now intends to hold on an annual basis at the facility. Guests seized the opportunity of learning first hand about current trends and requirements in the intralogistics field from specialists including Prof. Dr. ten Hompel from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institut. Visitors listened attentively while logistics experts from the food wholesale and food production sectors animatedly discussed just how much automation is needed to achieve efficient solutions. In the assessment of a satisfied Uwe Geissinger, the event was, "A successful opening that reaffirmed our goals of making the TechCenter into a focal point dedicated to encouraging dialog and exchange of information with our customers".
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