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Dematic in China - 德马泰克中国

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To contact Dematic in Chinese language, please refer to the Chinese contact page

Or visit Dematic China for more information in Chinese language.



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If you would like to contact us in English language, please go to the general Contact page , or use the contact details below to get in touch.

Shanghai Location
 Shanghai Location

Dematic International Trading Ltd.

18F Tower 1, New Richport,

No.763 Meng Zi Road,

Shanghai 200023, P.R.China


Tel: +86 21 6086 2999

Fax: +86 21 6086 2888

Email: InfoChina@dematic.com




Suzhou Location
 Suzhou Location

Dematic Logistics Systems Ltd.

No. 4476, WuZhong Avenue,

Hengjing Industrial Park,

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province 215103, P.R. China


Tel: +86 512 6620 4423

Fax: +86 512 6620 9538



江苏省苏州市吴中区横泾工业园吴中大道4467号  215103