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 AMCAP Automatic Mixed Case Palletising
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Dematic AMCAP

Automated mixed case palletizing

AMCAP is a high performance system for automatically building mixed-product pallets, addressing the latest requirements by companies particularly in the retail, grocery, food and beverage, and manufacturing industries.

Handling a wide range of articles

With a sophisticated gripper, AMCAP can handle over 10,000 different items including small boxes, cans, and jars in cardboard trays, open and closed cartons, beverages, as well as sacks and large, unstable tissue containers.


High performance and accuracy

The overall module design delivers a very high palletizing rate. The cycle of feeding, grabbing and placing articles achieves impressive throughputs. Palletizing continues even while pallets are being changed. This solution works considerably faster than an operator, and outperforms all other automated systems.


Dispatch unit built to customer requirements.

Intelligent software calculates the way the pallet needs to be built based on customer requirements. The stacking sequence is worked out from master data such as external dimensions, and the weight, goods and packaging groups. The Dematic Multishuttle delivers the goods in the right sequence for a specific order.


High pallet stability

AMCAP and ErgoPall integrate stretch wrapping of the pallet. As layers are stacked on the pallet they are automatically wrapped. This delivers a fully wrapped pallet by the system, ensuring stable and safe pallet transportation.


High pallet density reducing transport cost

The intelligent software determination of the palletizing sequence increases the pallet density and allows building of high pallets, reducing transport costs.


Flexibility to customer requirements

The systems consist of a number of tried and tested core modules, which can be combined in various ways to match customers’ specific requirements.

Benefits of AMCAP:

  • Very high order assembly rates
  • Customized dispatch units for easy in-store replenishment
  • High pallet density for lower transport costs
  • High load stability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safer user operation