Sortation Systems

Diverse Product Handling, High Throughput

Reliable, fast, efficient order processing depends on a high-throughput sortation system, the heart of a modern distribution center. Dematic offers a comprehensive range of linear and recirculating conveyor sortation systems guided by advanced controls and software to optimize warehouse operations and provide supply chain visualization.

Dematic Sortation Systems are used by leading retailers, parcel, freight, 3PL, catalog, hardware and other distributors requiring rapid, accurate, and cost-effective product handling. With increasing labor costs and demand for faster, more responsive operations, Dematic Sortation Systems improve productivity, throughput capacity, and accountability for distributors.

Benefits of Dematic Sortation Systems

  • Provides cost-effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers
  • Reduces labor costs with fast, accurate automation
  • Increases throughput capacity in manufacturing and distribution
  • Delivers high level of accountability for precise tracking of materials
  • Integrates with latest supply chain technology
Sortation Systems

Sortation as a Competitive Advantage

Dematic Sortation Systems increase in responsiveness and enable warehouses and distribution centers to significantly reduce inventory by receiving and dispatching goods just-in-time. Cross-docking and flow-through handling processes operate with Dematic Sortation Systems to distribute cases to stores when they arrive. Some retailers handle up to 90% of their goods this way, driving their facilities to near stockless operations by eliminating the handling steps of put-away, replenishment, and picking. 

Leading retailers have used high-throughput Dematic Sortation Systems for years to distribute goods at the lowest cost per case. Manufacturers of many fast moving consumer goods use Dematic Sortation Systems to handle product cartons as they come off the production line.

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Dematic Sorting Systems for Order Fulfillment

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Sorting Out Sortation

With increasing labor costs and supply chain pressures for faster and more accurate and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their way into more and more supply chains, delivering productivity, throughput capacity, accuracy, and accountability for businesses, and a cost effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers.

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The Challenge:
Polaris Industries, a manufacturer of motorized off-road and on-road vehicles, snowmobiles, needed a solution that could optimize the pick, pack and ship process.

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