Leverage Digitalization for Complete Supply Chain Visibility


Traditional supply chains are a series of discrete, siloed steps – today we deliver the digital supply chain

Imagine procuring new inventory without having a view of what is already in stock or making a resource plan for the week without checking vacation schedules. Visibility is key to all decision making within a business. 

Today, companies must remain flexible to adapt to customers’ expectations. To do this, they are beginning to rely on the capabilities of the digital supply chain, using digitization for real-time, accurate views of their operation and inventory across their network.

A form of digitalization, the digital supply chain allows for an integrated sequence of planning and production steps to work in tandem to facilitate an agile and resilient environment — one that is able to adapt to unexpected change more quickly and efficiently than traditional operations. 

What is the impact of the digital supply chain?

Consider notification of a late delivery from a supplier that initiates a decision to source the product elsewhere, or an unexpected weather change that results in a speedy order update to meet anticipated demand.

The digital supply chain is built on an integrated process from end to end that facilitates overall situational awareness and the opportunity for real-time contextualized decision making.  

Dematic offers independent solutions that can be bound together through an integration framework, allowing for a single global inventory view. This enables you to exceed customers’ expectations and maximize efficiency — a true competitive advantage when compared to traditional supply chains. 

A part of our portfolio, Dematic Connect offers a complete view of your entire supply chain. It provides real-time inventory status and location updates, enabling stakeholders to make truly informed decisions to optimize operations.

From enhanced production planning to efficient transport utilization, accurately forecasted distribution centre workloads and the planning of order fulfilment can all be seamlessly achieved. The software has different components that can be implemented as a holistic package or individually selected to meet your exact operational requirements.

Two components offering significant competitive advantage:

Global visibility of inventory across sites within your network provides you the ability to: 

  • Publish data in real-time to websites
  • Enable sharing of a common inventory pool across multiple channels – stores and eCommerce
  • Handle inventory reservation and release
  • Facilitate the integration of additional inventory systems as new fulfilment locations are introduced
  • Provide data to customers and suppliers via portals 

Better understand your operations by quickly identifying problems and understanding root causes with powerful, easy-to-use software

See the big picture across your entire operation with data from systems across your network in one place.

Achieve your business objectives through enhanced productivity by identifying trending cause-and-effect scenarios to ensure that you make smart decisions backed by data. With Dematic, you are able to strategically plan for potential outcomes and validate whether operational changes produced the anticipated benefits.

Manage risk across one or many sites through diagnostic and root-cause analytics using standard connections to existing systems. Doing so eliminates silos across operations, order fulfillment, maintenance, and corporate teams. You will also minimize unplanned downtime, helping to reduce the time to respond and repair with advanced KPI alert monitoring. 

Dematic’s digital software portfolio complements warehouse execution software with a range of IOT-enabled asset performance management, facility maintenance, and predictive analytics tools. This solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and can augment existing facilities without major changes to existing execution systems. The user interfaces are simple and intuitive, which facilitates a proactive, productive environment. The software can integrate seamlessly with other systems to increase the productivity and reliability of your operation.

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