MHLC Spotlight: Micro-Fulfillment Captivates Industry

Attendees treated to a sneak preview of Dematic’s Micro-Fulfillment solution, available in early Q4 2019

On day three of the 34th annual Material Handling & Logistics Conference (MHLC), Dematic customers were treated to a sneak preview of our forthcoming Micro-Fulfillment solution, which is commercially available as of early Q4 2019.

Since well before the conference began, Micro-Fulfillment — an e-commerce order-assembly system for grocery and retail — had sparked the interest and curiosity of customers. That energy and excitement was amplified earlier today when attendees experienced a live demonstration of our Micro-Fulfillment solution at our Salt Lake City manufacturing facility.

Dematic’s Micro-Fulfillment solution is specifically designed to support home delivery and “click and collect” services for grocers and retailers looking to meet the demands of today’s consumers. Specifically, this compact, high-density system can be used to optimize an omni-channel distribution strategy by effectively using existing retail stores and urban service centers for online order assembly.

This convenience not only optimizes and localizes the order fulfillment process, but it also can accommodate the projected growth of online sales. It also affords retail consumers the opportunity to pick up online orders at the closest retail store or service center, or receive it using a delivery service to their home.

Microfulfillment Snapshot

Dematic iQ: the Brains Behind the Brawn

Powering our Micro-Fulfillment solution is Dematic iQ order management and execution software. It is through this intelligent software that the entire Micro-Fulfillment process is optimized from inbound receiving and put-away, to order picking and consolidation. Ultimately, it is Dematic iQ that is responsible for connecting labor, inventory and robotic shuttles to assemble orders with accuracy and speed.

The highly configurable system can accommodate the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) capacity and order volume required by today’s grocers and wholesalers, but it also has application for auto parts, consumer electronics, sporting goods, apparel, industrial supplies, and department stores that are re-purposing retail store space.

Matt Inbody, Director of Micro-Fulfillment systems, explains how Dematic’s solution differs from competitive offerings entering the market:

Our Micro-Fulfillment solution is powered by the Dematic iQ Optimize software, which allows Dematic to integrate with our customer’s retail and WMS systems using a powerful API-based solution. This platform has also allowed Dematic to develop a new mobile-based picking application that integrates seamlessly with the retail store front operation and enables Dematic’s continuous order flow algorithms to ensure orders are filled on time with the greatest accuracy.”

Micro-Fulfillment captivates MHLC attendees

We built our Micro-Fulfillment solution to be a game changer for grocers and retailers. And we’re confident that it will be just that.

Companies interested in learning more about Dematic’s Micro-Fulfillment solution can visit for more information. 

By Doug Gibeaut

Avid storyteller. Helping share the broader ideas that can help bring solutions to customers that truly impact their business. As well as avid long-distance runner and true-to-heart southern football fan.

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