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Solving Distribution and Returns Challenges

Growth in e-Commerce is fueling the rise in omni-channel fulfillment. Retailers need a solution that supports store replenishment and direct to consumer orders from a single distribution center.  

The Dematic Pouch System: Solving Distribution and Returns Challenges

The Dematic Pouch System is a flexible and scalable solution to store, transport, sort, and sequence individual items (eaches). Pouches suspended from rollers travel in an overhead track. Each pouch carries a single item, either placed inside the pouch or hanging from an attached hook. The system transports and sorts items based on order requirements and delivers them to operators for order consolidation, value-added services, and final packaging.

Handling eaches has been a particularly difficult challenge for retailers. The Dematic Pouch System offers compelling advantages, including:

  • Shorter Cycle Times: Get orders out quickly and eliminate the need for wave planning and multistage sortation. Fast, easy processing of urgent and priority orders without the need for expensive and time-consuming expediting.
  • Store-Friendly Fulfillment: Items packed and delivered in aisle-friendly sequence or any desired arrangement (for example, size, color) to retail locations. Take costs, time, complexity, and mistakes out of restocking.
  • Integrated Returns Processing: When returned items are ready for resale, simply place them into pouches to make them immediately accessible for new orders.

Pouch System Story

The Dematic Pouch System consists of pouches suspended from rolling adapters running in a track. Each pouch carries a single item identified by the radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and barcode on the pouch. Various types of items can go into the pouches, including folded garments, shoe boxes, accessories, books, and general merchandise.

Garments on hangers and items that do not fit in the pouch can be suspended from a built-in hook. All articles can be inducted into and stored in a single system, which also delivers the items to packing. The Dematic Pouch System then sorts, sequences, and delivers those pouches and hanging items to the packaging station for consolidation and further processing.

A typical system includes loading, buffering, transport, sortation, and packing areas on one or more levels. The layout can be configured to fit nearly any facility space.

Key Markets for the Dematic Pouch Systems

  • Apparel: It's not a trend, it's a norm — order multiple sizes, try them all on, pick the one you like, return the ones you don't. That's the way it's done. A Dematic Pouch System is what you need to deal with reality.
  • General Merchandise: With more shopping done online these days, the more critical it is to handle returns with speedy efficiency. A Dematic Pouch System is the perfect solution for getting those items turned around quickly.
  • E-Commerce: Online shopping has matured. Easy to order? Check. Convenient delivery? Check. It’s time to find the next competitive advantage. A Dematic Pouch System? Yep, there's your next competitive advantage.
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Dematic Pouch System

The Dematic Pouch System is a flexible and scalable solution that can be used to store, transport, sort, and sequence individual items (eaches) in support of pure e-Commerce and omni-channel order fulfillment operations. The system uses pouches suspended from rollers that travel in an overhead track.