Micro-Fulfillment Playbook:

7 Secrets to a Future-Forward Omni-Channel Fulfillment Strategy

Why Micro-Fulfillment is the Retailer Answer to Modern Consumer Demands

Consumers expect fast delivery options. In fact, they are 77% more likely to shop at a store if it offers same-day delivery. 

Don’t have items in-stock or can’t fulfill same-day delivery? Consumers will simply move on to a retailer that can.

Modern consumers are also driven by personalization. They expect brands to provide custom recommendations and differentiated in-store and online experiences, based on personal preferences and shopping habits. 

Retailers remain challenged with how to sustainably and profitably address these demands, and current solutions like third-party delivery services aren’t working. 

Download our playbook today to learn how micro-fulfillment addresses these challenges, enabling retailers to:

  • Cut real-estate costs 
  • Provide always-on customer service at scale 
  • Maintain control of the customer experience 
  • Gather critical customer preference insights

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