SAP EWM Standard Templates

SAP EWM Standard Templates for rapid, low-risk implementation

An EWM implementation in a highly automated warehouse presents a special challenge. To simplify the system implementation, Dematic offers our own EWM templates, which are implemented in customizable tables.
This standardisation offers a rapid, low-risk implementation and a simple support of the system in a production environment. The Dematic EWM standard templates support the following functions:

  • Dematic Multishuttle strategies
  • Complex sequencing strategies
  • Double load handling for stacker cranes
  • Multi-deep storage locations
  • Connection Kardex
  • Direct connection of layer de-palletising robots including full functionality
  • Emulation with 3D warehouse model

Controlling highly automated warehouses directly with SAP EWM: 
Miniload RapidStore ML

  • Handling of different case and carton sizes
  • Lightweight construction, up to 20 meters height
  • Modular construction design with standardized components
  • Scalable to all Dematic solutions
  • Highly flexible due to variable load handling devices and high performance
  • Energy efficient drives and motors
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