AGV Systems:

Automatic Trailer Loading (ATL) AGVs

Extending Automation Beyond the Four Walls

Dematic automatic trailer loading (ATL) and automatic trailer unloading (ATUL) AGVs extend automation past the dock doors of your facility. Dematic ATL AGVs load over-the-road trailers with pallets or other unit loads of virtually any required loading pattern, including mixed-orientation patterns and “pin wheeling.”

Built to more rugged standards, Dematic ATL AGVs are designed for the continual driving over rough and uneven dock plates while carrying loads of up to four pallets. A combination of laser and natural target navigation allows the AGVs to see into the trailer without modifications to trailers, docks, or facilities.

Dematic ATL AGVs aren’t limited to trailer loading. In addition, they are equipped to perform line take-aways, RFID or barcode scanning, and warehouse storage and retrieval up to four levels high without racks (depending on load characteristics).

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