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Mobile Application Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

This notice provides information about how Dematic and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and other related companies (“Dematic”) gather and process your personal data using Dematic SiteView and other apps. Personal data is only collected in SiteView and related apps to the extent that it is technically necessary for providing you our services, for distribution of information internally within Dematic, and for answering your enquires to enable Dematic to continue to provide the high level of quality response that you are accustomed to receiving from our Customer Service and Support Teams. The following information explains what information we collect, how we collect, process, and use your personal data and for what purpose. 

Data Collection and Processing

When you download and use the App, you agree to Dematic’s Terms & Conditions which include permission to collect and store personal data. There are two types of data we collect in regards to your personal data. First we capture “metadata” about you, including your name, address, email, IP address, smartphone model, and software version. This information is stored and associated to your support call with Dematic. Additionally, when you use the SiteView app on your smartphone, Dematic captures picture, video, and audio recordings of you. We store this information temporarily for the purposes of providing support, internal quality audits, and training purposes. For additional information about those recordings, please see the Terms & Conditions within the SiteView app. You provide this data on an explicitly voluntary basis and with your consent. Your enquiries may be forwarded to our subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners for the purposes outlined above and will not be used for any other purposes without your express consent. Of course you may withdraw your consent for the future at any time by sending a short email to usa.serviceusa@dematic.com

Secure Data Transfer

We have taken extensive technical and operational security precautions to ensure that the personal data we store is protected against unauthorized access and misuse. Our security precautions are reviewed regularly and adapted in line with the latest technologies. The transmission of data is encrypted.  

Your Rights

Transparency is very important to us Dematic will provide you access to your personal information to the extent required by law in your home country. In accordance with our legal obligation, we will be happy to inform you whether we have stored your personal data – and if so, what personal data. If you wish to receive this information, please send us a written request. You may request correction or deletion of your personal information, except where retention is required by your contractual relationship with Dematic, in the context of a legal dispute, or as otherwise required by applicable local law. If your request for access, correction or deletion is denied, the reason for the denial will be communicated to you.  

Submit Complaints and/or Objections

You may withdraw consent to the processing of your personal information or submit questions, complaints and/or objections to the processing of your personal information by sending a request in writing to: Dematic Data Privacy & Protection Program Administrator, 2727 Paces Ferry Rd., SE, Atlanta, GA, 30339 or by email at Compliance@Dematic.com. You may also surrendered any license granted by you hereunder at any time in writing by notifying Dematic Corp., Attn. Customer Service, 507 Plymouth Drive Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, with a copy to Dematic Corp., Attn. Legal Department, 507 Plymouth Drive Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505. 

Modifications to this Notice

Dematic reserves the right to modify this Notice by posting changes to Dematic services. If you submit additional personal information or request to be considered for a Dematic position following the effective date of a modified Notice, your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Notice in effect at that time.