Managing Multiple Sites to Optimize Performance and Meet Consumer Demand

A Software Solution That Connects Your Whole Operations Network

As supply chains come under increasing pressure, effective performance management becomes more critical for companies — not just within individual facilities but also across their entire operations. Managing multiple sites to optimize performance and meet consumer demand.

Dematic Connect builds and manages strong, reliable supply chain execution systems for multiple-site operations or for a network of sites in various locations, maximizing performance to ensure you always meet consumer demand. 

With real-time dashboards and data analytics for both labor and equipment performance to improve resource utilization and scheduling, Dematic Connect generates key data required for an accurate, real-time picture of inventory across the entire supply chain. It provides an integration framework that allows for a single global inventory view.

Setting you up for success

To move forward with certainty, you must be able to optimize, execute, and align from end-to-end to reduce cycle time and ship faster without sacrificing order accuracy and operational agility.

Dematic Connect takes you to next level of supply chain execution with key features that include:

Supply Chain Visibility

Get a comprehensive overview of your entire supply chain. From optimized production planning to efficient transport execution, Dematic Connect accurately forecasts workloads and expertly facilitates order fulfillment from one-to-many sources.

It also offers: 

  • Global Inventory
  • Order Management
  • Supplier Portal
Global Inventory

Visibility with real-time data across multiple channels

It is functionally very rich, providing real-time inventory status and location updates enabling stakeholders to make truly informed decisions to optimize their supply chains.

From optimized production planning through to efficient transport utilization, accurately forecasted distribution center workloads and the planning of order fulfillment can all be seamless achieved.

The offering has different components, that can be taken in their entirety or cherry picked to meet the exact operational requirements that you have.

  • Provides global visibility of inventory throughout the enterprise
  • Publishes data in real-time to websites
  • Enables sharing of a common inventory pool across multiple channels – stores and eCommerce
  • Handling of inventory reservation and release
  • Facilitates the integration of additional inventory systems as new fulfillment locations are introduced
  • Ability to expose data to customers and suppliers via portals
Order Management

Tools that provide precise location information

With the benefit of a global inventory view of the supply chain, an effective order management regime can be implemented.

Among the benefits include cost reductions through order accuracy, better customer service through real-time order status, and greater control over global inventory.

  • Allows fulfillment of orders from one source or several (taking into account the customer’s location, delivery preferences, and many other factors)
  • Support of dropship vendor (DSV) operations
  • Distributed order management- the use of fulfillment determination rules to breakdown an order into constituent parts and allow phased/multi-location fulfillment
  • Determination of Delivery Promise – factoring in items such as order cut-off time, customer-selected delivery options, and fulfillment sources
  • Altering of risk to Delivery Promise
Supplier Portals

Provide further details for inventory and order status

An integration framework designed to ease the integration of Dematic Software solutions into a wider IT architecture. Equally, it offers a cost-effective way of integrating non-Dematic Software supply chain solutions without recourse to complex third-party integration tools.

Delivery of a Supplier Portal via Dematic Software to facilitate the interaction and communication between software applications in a service-oriented architecture (SOA), provides all the functionality that supply chain-wide operations require to work efficiently and effectively.

A typical deployment has the potential to truly open up your data, optimizing performance and immediately reducing IT complexity.

It delivers:
  • Asynchronous data exchange
  • Data transformation
  • Open messaging and integration standards
  • Greater flexibility

Choosing the right software partner now will determine future success.

Because software is the beating heart of your supply chain solution, your software partner must be able to solve your technical and business challenges. We have a dedicated team of experts that support customers throughout the transition from start to finish, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle.

Dematic technical experts’ first priority is making your implementations run smoothly. We work in partnership with your teams to ensure that every stage of the process is managed effectively.  

We draw upon decades of experience to deliver complex software solutions that transform supply chains. Using the latest research and development, we work with you to identify your current software requirements for peak operational efficiency and plan for future requirements to ensure your supply chain solution will scale to meet growth targets. 

By understanding the aspects of logistics effectiveness within your facility, you can benchmark productivity, identify opportunities for improvement, and remove waste.

  • Availability: The impact of interruptions to planned operations
  • Performance: The overall process speed, labor productivity, and equipment utilization of your operation compared to top capacity
  • Quality: The frequency of inaccuracies in inventory or order fulfillment

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