Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

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As e-commerce demands continues to grow, retailers must choose how best to respond to consumer expectations for accurate, on-time delivery. The goal is to scale operations for future growth within existing facility layouts while optimizing labor resources. To meet this goal, retailers must look to intelligent automated solutions such as AMRs to provide the flexible and scalable technology necessary to grow their operations.

AMRs are industrial robots that lift and transport materials within your facility. They reliably navigate throughout the workspace by reading QR codes on the facility floor, responding to changing traffic conditions and adapting accordingly. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanners mounted on the AMRs allow them to sense and avoid obstructions.

Case Study: Radial Europe

Radial Europe is a global third-party service provider and a member of Belgium’s bpostgroup. Its ambition to respond to every customer requirement to remain a leader. This led Radial to its selection of an innovative bin-to-picker AMR solution from Dematic.

Benefits of Dematic AMRs


  • Scale up or scale down operations as needed to accommodate changes, growth, or processes
  • No fixed routes — adjust quickly to accommodate a new route or to create room in the workspace
  • Seamlessly find an alternative path to any obstacle


  • LiDAR technology detects and avoids obstructions
  • CE certified — meet health, safety, and environmental standards to work with humans
  • Less manual fork trucks, less potential for accidents


  • Frees up limited labor resources for value added tasks

Easy to install

  • Quick implementation (within weeks of AMR arrival)
  • Lower cost to operate/maintain in comparison to manual fork trucks 
  • Less time and effort for installation than traditional automated solutions

Trusted technology and service

  • Supported by holistic approach (solution development, software, customer service), maximizes return on investment
  • Enhances current operations and provide better service levels to end customers

Built for the future

  • Quickly and easily add AMRs to increase throughput as your operational needs change or grow


Autonomous Mobile Robots

Safe. Efficient. Flexible. Reliable.

What are the Dematic AMR models?

Point to Point Transport Pallets

Dematic Pallet Mover AMRs offer flexible transportation of pallets within a facility and make available space typically taken up by conveyors. These AMRs transport materials throughout your facility, safely navigating around people, equipment, and inventory.


  • Moving pallets between functional areas
  • Line-side supply and delivery
  • Small and large assembly platforms

Typical solutions and products to integrate with Dematic AMRs

Micro-Fulfillment: The Dematic Micro-Fulfillment solution automates order fulfillment in a footprint that can fit within the backroom of a retail store or small warehouse, allowing business operations to be closer to the consumer and overcome the challenges associated with urbanization.

Conveyor: Conveyor is ideal for processing large quantities of inventory to fixed locations. Systems handle cartons, cases, totes, bags, and stuffed envelopes and can move to pallets, skids, gaylords, tubs, and wheeled carts.

AutoStore™: The AutoStore storage and fulfillment system, powered by Dematic, is a compact, scalable robotic storage and piece picking system that flexes with demand so that your supply chain is always ready.

Mixed-Case Fulfillment: The Dematic Mixed Case Fulfillment solution is a high-performance solution for operations that transform SKU pure pallets into aisle-ready mixed case pallets. The solution reduces transportation costs with optimally sized pallet loads and decreases the need for operational staff.

Pallet Storage: Dematic offers a wide range of storage solutions that help you organize and control inventory on pallets.

AGVs: Automated Guided Vehicles provide a modern, economical, and safe way for distribution and production operations to efficiently increase throughput using flexible automation instead of adding more labor, physical space, or bulky equipment.


Seamless AMR installation, integration, and ongoing support

Dematic is dedicated to your success and is your trusted provider for your automation needs. Whether investing solely in AMRs or they are part of larger solution for your facility, Dematic consultants ensure they seamlessly integrate with your operations.

Additionally, Dematic provides support from day one of operation. Dematic lifecycle services and continuity planning ensures your solution is maintained properly including maintenance and repairs as well as future upgrades.

Our industry experience allow us to create a premium experience. We take the time to understand what is important and use our expert knowledge to create solutions that optimize your current business operations and beyond.

It is critical to select the right supplier - one that will be a trusted partner throughout the entire process.

As a company that’s led innovation in Supply Chain for more than 200 years, Dematic provides the widest range of solutions and the expertise to build the solution you need for complete control and visibility over your operation.

Our solutions are tailored to your business challenges. Using standardized sub-systems and industry-leading insight and expertise, Dematic provides world-class integrated hardware, software, and support to help you empower people, optimize space, drive growth and improve efficiency.

With Dematic, you can grow your business to compete locally, retain customer loyalty, and deliver with speed and accuracy on a global scale.

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