Automated Conveyor Systems

Efficient Product Flow from Receiving to Shipping

Increasing throughput and capacity requirements, shorter processing times, and rising operational costs are driving the production and distribution managers to consider automation such as conveyor systems. The task of processing large quantities of conveyable inventory — cartons, cases, totes, bags, and stuffed envelopes — to pallets, skids, gaylords, tubs, and wheeled carts is ideal for convey and sort automation.

Benefits of convey-and-sort automation

Advantages and Features

  • Enables automatic product flow between and within functional areas
  • Increases capacity and throughput rates
  • Accommodates workflow processing optimization 
  • Tracks each load for precise accountability and control
  • Integrates with inventory storage and order picking sub-systems
  • Has a reconfigurable mechanical and controls architecture
  • Is scalable for future growth

Operational Value

  • Visibility, traceability, and insight with IIoT connectivity
  • Productivity, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Balanced, synchronized flow 
  • System parameters that adjust to current conditions 
  • Minimal employees to operate
  • Short order processing times
  • Lowest cost per case/item handled

How do industries use conveyor systems?

Wholesale, retail and B2B industries use conveyor systems in distribution centers (DCs) to assemble orders efficiently and accurately at the lowest cost per case.

Conveyor technology for multiple applications

An integrated suite of package conveyor technology, Dematic Modular Conveyor transports case, tote, tray, polybag, and parcel envelope loads efficiently and effectively. It provides a complete range of modules that create a highly efficient material flow configuration. This conveyor technology is integrated with other devices such as goods-to-person workstations, scanners, sorters, label print and apply devices, case sealers, in-line weigh scales, palletizers, and robotics.


  • Routing of inbound goods
  • Cross docking
  • Transport of cases and totes to pick modules
  • Carton transport from case pick modules
  • Carton transport from piece pick modules
  • Batch pick and sort order consolidation
  • Interlink connecting functional areas
  • Transport to outbound parcel shipper, area code, route, etc.
  • Transport to outbound shipping doors

Key Attributes

  • Variety of functions: transport, accumulate, gap, divert
  • Accommodates cartons, totes, bags, stuffed envelopes
  • Universal side channel
  • Many system-layout options
  • Standard components common to all conveyor modules
  • Controllers connected with standard CAN bus architecture
  • Low-voltage DC motorized rollers and AC drives
  • Roller and belted surfaces
  • Easy to reconfigure

Family of Modules

Dematic Modular Conveyor uses a universal, metric side frame for all modules for easier reconfiguration as operational changes occur. Made up of over 40 standard conveyor models for configuring conveyor networks, Dematic Modular Conveyor provides a wide variety of functions, including transportation, accumulation, gapping, and diverting (right angle transfers and steerable wheel diverts). 

The conveyor is available in several standard widths and configurations, including horizontal, inclining, and declining sections with straight, curved, or angled junctions (wedges). 

Dematic Modular Conveyor System (Dematic MCS)

Dematic Modular Conveyor System (Dematic MCS) is a totally integrated package conveyor technology. Whether handling cases, totes, trays, poly bags, or parcel envelopes, Dematic MCS transports them efficiently and effectively. MCS offers a complete range of modules to create a highly efficient material flow configuration. MCS is often integrated with other devices such as scanners, sorters, label print and apply devices, case sealers, in-line weigh scales, palletizers, and robotics.

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Benefits of Dematic automated conveyor systems

Dematic works with you to determine the conveyor equipment that is right for your situation. Whether you need simple sections of gravity conveyor or full automation, Dematic can help find the perfect solution.

An operational-based design approach — engineer conveyor systems focused on operational excellence

  • Solution development — non-biased, data driven; simulation/emulation tools assure best performance
  • Best practice sharing — between Dematic global engineering teams creates world-class solutions
  • Conveyor configuration software — speeds/optimizes design through implementation processes

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