Automated Receiving Systems

Optimize Operations Right from the Start

The labor crisis is shrinking your business profits every day, and manual inventory management produce unpredictable fulfillment results. In the end, your receiving strategy affects customer satisfaction and loyalty…and your bottom line. 

Automated receiving systems reduce your dependence on labor and reduce the high operating costs of manual processes. With Dematic receiving systems, you have predictability from the time inventory enters your facility, setting the optimal course for every order that leaves your operation.

By automating your warehousing process right from the start, you increase accuracy and streamline supply chain networks, making them more efficient and reliable. All incoming materials are verified and checked for quality, quantity, and damage before being sent to storage, which drives down your manual labor requirements. 

How do Dematic receiving systems work?

Inbound handling solutions streamline and organize the process of bringing materials into your facility, including raw materials for manufacturing, finished goods for distribution, or returned merchandise that feeds back into inventory.

Whether bringing raw materials into a production facility or finished goods into a distribution center, efficient management of your supply chain starts at receiving.

All incoming materials are verified and checked for quality and quantity before being sent to high-density storage. Dematic iQ software ensures inventory accuracy, provides real-time inventory visibility, and intelligently routes the inventory for efficient retrieval. Dematic Receiving solutions support a range of manual to fully automated receiving and putaway of your inbound goods.

How Receiving Works

  1. Incoming pallets (unit loads) and cases are unloaded and verified against manifests and purchase orders.
  2. Items are inspected for quality, quantity, and damage.
  3. If necessary, items are removed from original packaging (detrash) and placed in totes for storage in high-density buffers.
  4. Items are directed to the most optimal storage location or dispatch area (cross-dock).
Dematic products for receiving

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems
Fully mobile robots that can transport items from receiving to workstation, storage, or production.

Case and Tote Conveyors have integrated package conveyor technology designed to provide flexible solutions. Pallet Conveyors are durable and versatile conveyor technology designed for heavy-unit loads.


Dematic software optimizes labor, equipment, and processes, unifying all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.

Sortation Systems
Designed for diverse product handling and high throughput

Workstation Systems
Cost-effective and ergonomic workstations for receiving and decanting operations.

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Automating the returns process for Omnichannel Retailers

Reverse logistics processing solutions for omnichannel retailers, Dematic merchandise returns systems accelerate and streamline all the steps required to provide customer credit, enter the exchanged order, and ready returned items for sale. 

Benefits include

  • Increased Sales: Items go back online faster, typically within 24 hours. Consumers receive credit for returned items immediately upon receipt.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Defined workflows occur in functional zones to optimize labor productivity and improve operational effectiveness. 

Why Dematic receiving systems?

Dematic receiving systems optimize inventory accuracy while driving down labor costs and delivery times by integrating with your sequencing and planning. Dematic understands the importance of higher order accuracy, and we’re as concerned about consumer experience as you are. We know that the best consumer experience starts at the beginning of the fulfillment process. 

It is critical to select the right supplier - one that will be a trusted partner throughout the entire process.

As a company that’s led innovation in Supply Chain for more than 200 years, Dematic provides the widest range of solutions and the expertise to build the solution you need for complete control and visibility over your operation. 

Our solutions are tailored to your business challenges. Using standardized sub-systems and industry-leading insight and expertise, Dematic provides world-class integrated hardware, software, and support to help you empower people, optimize space, drive growth and improve efficiency.

With Dematic, you can grow your business to compete locally, retain customer loyalty, and deliver with speed and accuracy on a global scale.

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