eBook: AutoStore™ for Retail

The Path to Forward-Thinking Fulfillment and a Future-Proof Supply Chain

How AutoStore Shifts Retailers into Modern Practices to Meet Market Demand

Every customer expects a positive user experience throughout the buying process — from a personalized shopping basket to direct-to-door, same-day delivery. Customer retention relies on meeting these expectations, and the challenges to maintain this are littered across the supply chain.

AutoStore enhances operational capabilities to meet customer demand.

Key Benefits of AutoStore

  • Increase storage capacity 4x while reducing storage space by 75%
  • Modular design fits to your footprint and expands with your growth
  • Increase operation performance 10x
  • Uptime of 99.7%


The Future of Order Fulfillment Is Here

Check out our playbook to learn how AutoStore can be the sustainable, cost-effective solution for your order fulfillment process.

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