The Smart Warehouse Ensuring Freshness and Food Quality for Dazhang Group

Dematic sets the benchmark for automated cold storage in Chinese fresh food distribution.

Dazhang Group is a food retail chain in Henan Province, China. Since 2003, Dazhang has been committed to building food storage and distribution centres with a focus on food quality and freshness, with its mission to ensure food safety and maximum convenience for its customers.

Driven by the boom of its fresh food business, Dazhang made the decision to make a significant investment in 2020 in developing a new industrial park for cold chain logistics and food production, covering 90,000 square metres. Dazhang partnered with Dematic to build a 38-metre-high smart warehouse for its Chinese fresh food market, to upgrade its 4th-gen logistic and distribution centre with automation and intelligence.

Dazhang can now refrigerate and freeze up to 30,000 tons of food and distribute orders within 200 km of the industrial park. The increased capacity will enable the group to expand its chain retail landscape and capture a higher market share.

Dematic is an innovator and leader in smart logistics globally and in Asia, and its professional, pragmatic, and customer-focused work attitudes played a key role in establishing a strategic partnership with Dazhang Group.

Features of the smart warehouse at Dazhang Group

Stable operation in various temperature ranges

Dematic smart cold warehouse solution for Dazhang supports the storage and distribution of food frozen between -20℃ and -18℃ and chilled food between 0℃ and 5℃. The highly reliable system provides Dazhang Group with a distribution accuracy of 99.999%.

Record-breaking cold warehouse

The 38-metre-high smart centre set a record as the tallest cold warehouse for fresh food in China to date. The base of the storage system is three metres underground.

Minimised labour requirements

Automated storage reduces manual labour requirements, assisting Dazhang Group to meet its rigorous requirements on food and employee safety. In addition, implementing this industry-leading automation project, Dazhang is also enhancing its competitiveness.

Dazhang also selected Dematic as its trusted partner because of its rich experience in the fresh food industry in China and around the globe. Dematic has a strong track record of developing smart automated logistic systems with a high level of productivity and security which met Dazhang’s requirements.

In October 2020, the Dematic one-stop automated system was put into operation, providing storage capacity for roughly 30,000 trays and supports stable and consistent operation of refrigeration, freezing and temperature-changing zones, ensuring safe and efficient cold chain distribution around the clock. Integrated equipment deployed outside the storage system automatically shrink-wrap food products, further reducing manual labour and increasing storage safety.

Ensure food “freshness” and quality

Empowered by Dematic, Dazhang Group’s latest warehouse has been recognized as a benchmark project in China, boosting the expansion of its business network and distribution coverage. Dazhang is also working with Dematic on future projects, continuing its journey in building a business ecosystem-based supply chain to facilitate efficient distribution and consumer food safety and quality.

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