Driving Our Commitment to a Sustainable Logistics Future

People, Planet, and Products

People, Planet, and Products are the driving force behind Dematic’s Sustainability Strategy. Just as we recently introduced a new safety pledge to focus our team on safety and well-being through Ready, Safe + Sound, we are driving a similar commitment to ensure the products we produce and the solutions we deliver are sustainability focused, short, mid, and long term. 

The commitment to our customers and their sustainable logistics future is a critical component of the Dematic business plan. A Healthy and Sustainable Business Culture is the Core of Our Mission and is essential to providing high-performing products, solutions, and services that are efficient, mitigate climate change, and enhance user safety.

Our Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability team, guided by our sustainability steering committee, is passionate about making a positive impact to ensure alignment and accountability from our business and functional action owners across the globe. Here’s our roadmap and a bit of perspective about our path forward and nine action areas. 


2022 Sustainability Report

At Dematic, we try to make sustainability a part of every aspect of our business by focusing on people, planet, and products. This report presents highlights of our achievements in 2022 as well as our strategies for continued improvements. 

How We Take Action to Connect People, Planet, and Our Products

This is just a glimpse of Dematic’s nine action areas for sustainability and how we're working to achieve a real, sustainable approach for our business solutions of tomorrow.

Prioritizing our people

We aim to be an employer where people are eager to work. Diversity, inclusion, and occupational health and safety are fundamental values.

Safe operations and culture development

How? Instill safety-based behavior in every stage and level of our business.

Engaged and contributing employees

How? Design and drive programs to engage and develop employees.

Valuing all dimensions of our people

How? More welcoming participation and contributions from all employee groups.

Developing purposeful product

We provide high performing products, solutions, and services for our customers, that are efficient, mitigate climate change, and enhance user safety.

Design beyond product’s first life

How? Harness lifecycle data to identify, define, develop, procure, produce, and service first/second use lives through recycling.

Identify, assess, execute with business partners

How? Integrate our suppliers as our sustainability partners.

Assuring product, solution conformance

How? Development of a sustainability-focused offering portfolio that is validated and celebrated.

Protecting our planet

We limit our business impact on climate change. We also expect our suppliers to comply with environmental and social standards.

Achieve footprint neutrality by 2050

How? Mitigate scope 1,2, and 3 emissions through actions and carbon offsets.

Waste intensity reduction

How? Focus on waste streams from suppliers to manufacturing to customer sites.

Promotion and protection of natural resources

How? A portolio of products and solutions developed for meaningful global change in mind.

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