Dematic PackMyRide: World's first fully automated parcel loading solution concept for the last mile delivery

E-Commerce is growing from year to year. The increasing number of shipments is a huge challenge for parcel delivery companies. Performance on the Last Mile, the final step from the logistics center to the customer’s home, is the key factor to success.

While the parcel distribution centers are usually highly automated, the loading of delivery vehicles for the last mile is still completely manual.

Anyone who wants to keep up with the accelerated pace of a digitized world needs an innovative solution. A cooperation project between Dematic and DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) promises to provide the competitive edge.



Dematic PackMyRide

World's first fully automated parcel loading solution for the last mile

Manual sorting and loading is a time-consuming process for parcel delivery companies. Every day, each delivery driver loads between 100 to 200 packages with a weight of up to 1000kg into his delivery vehicle. In future this process can be handled by Dematic PackMyRide. It will not only relieve the drivers physically, but also creates more productive time for their core task: delivering parcels.

Our new solution concept will enable a fully automatic loading of parcels into mobile load carriers for multiple delivery tours. The aim is to achieve significantly higher productivity and efficiency in parcel handling. The subsystem is currently being tested in the distribution center of our cooperation partner DPD.

Dematic PackMyRide first picks up the parcels from the intralogistics system and transports them via conveyor to a scanning unit, where volume, weight and barcode data are verified for optimum sorting. In the Dematic Sequencing Tower, the parcels are then temporarily stored in order to pass them on to a pusher system in the desired sequence. At this point, the system distinguishes between two types of parcel: if something is wrong with the package, it redirects to the manual processing area. If the package is suitable for automatic loading, it is transferred to a rack-feeder-machine. The machine moves along a number of lined up mobile racks and places the packages at the pre-calculated location.

When a rack is fully loaded, it can be removed from the loading system by means of a manually operated lift truck and transported to the delivery vehicle. As an alternative, Dematic provides automatic transport of the mobile racks using an Automated guided vehicle (AGV).

Dematic PackMyRide can also be applied to other industry sectors. In any industry that relies on repetitive manual loading of delivery vehicles the system can help to create a competitive edge. Dematic is open for further cooperation - please contact us with your specific requirements!



Benefits of PackMyRide

  • Competitive advantage: Shifting the added value of delivery drivers from loading vehicles to delivering parcels.
  • Automation: Full automation of manual sorting, intermediate storage and loading processes.
  • Advantage: Handling of non-standard pack sizes, e.g. tires or packages of different size, shape and weight.
  • Mastering the last mile: Fully automatic loading with Dematic PackMyRide as an important step towards the fully autonomous last mile.
  • Innovation: There are currently no comparable intralogistics solution concepts comparable to Dematic PackMyRide.
  • Operational excellence: Automated provisioning of load carriers, e.g. overnight sorting and loading.
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