Sivafrost doubles deep-freeze storage capacity with Dematic

Zwijndrecht / Dendermonde, December 9, 2020 - Dematic has automated a new deep-freeze high-bay storage unit for Sivafrost, doubling the logistics service provider’s storage capacity to up to 30,000 pallets and paving the way for future growth and development opportunities. Sivafrost chose Dematic for its proven ability to provide an automation solution within its existing premises. 

“The automation solution from Dematic enabled us to double our storage capacity in a compact and innovative way,” said Stijn Siongers, owner and managing director of Sivafrost based in Dendermonde, Belgium. "In our new, approximately 40-metre-high deep-freeze storage unit, four storage and retrieval machines handle all pallets for frozen products. The pallets are brought from our production and dispatch areas via conveyors and pallet lifts, and then are re-picked according to customer orders. With this investment, we guarantee the future growth of Sivafrost by offering more storage capacity and new services."

For optimum use of the limited space available on the Sivafrost premises, the existing company grounds are connected to the new deep-freeze high-bay storage system via a tunnel equipped with conveyors and pallet lifts. In addition, the six loading docks located below the new building were arranged diagonally. “As part of our master plan for the coming years, we first invested in a sustainable energy supply by installing a wind turbine and a solar park,” Siongers continued. “Now we have built a fully automated deep-freeze high-bay storage unit in cooperation with Dematic to respond to the increasing demand from existing and new customers.” 

For Dematic, the Sivafrost operation was a good opportunity to again demonstrate its experience in the field of warehouse automation. “Setting up and automating a deep-freeze high-bay storage unit and integrating it into all existing logistics processes within limited space requires creativity and specialist knowledge,” said Sacha van Droogenbroeck, Senior Director SD and Managing Director of Dematic NV. “Sivafrost also works with other Dematic customers (for instance, Agristo), so we expect this project will further strengthen our market position in the frozen-food storage sector.”


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