Innovation: Dematic Optimises Pouch Subsystem Through Automatic Unloading

Heusenstamm, 5 March 2019 – Dematic now also offers automatic pouch unloading with its proven Pouch Subsystem. The intralogistics specialist has developed an innovative and unique opening and closing mechanism that allows the pouch to be opened at any point in the system. Compared to a manual solution, the pouch unloading per hour can be increased six-fold. With the new optimisation of the Pouch Subsystem, the automation solution now meets the high demands for fulfilment and returns processing in e-commerce companies even better. This is where the automated hanging system on roller adapters is used to store, sort and buffer both hanging and lying goods as well as flat packaged items and cartons. The loading of the pouches takes place automatically via belt conveyors.

"With automatic pouch unloading, we are closing a gap in existing automation systems, significantly reducing the cost of fulfilment and returns processing," says Klaus Hiesgen, Dematic's Vice President of Overhead Systems Centre of Excellence. The company has not only optimised the pouches in the Pouch Subsystem, but also developed its own innovative opening and closing mechanism: "Our patented solution offers a combination of clip-on and bayonet locks and is unique in this form. The pouch can be opened at any point and emptied fully automatically," explains Hiesgen. Subsequently, the goods are gently transported as required in a chute, on a belt or directly into a container. The automatic process increases unloading in the picking process from around 200 to 1,200 per hour compared to a manual solution.

The new opening and closing mechanism can be easily integrated into existing Pouch Subsystem. In addition, closed pouches within the system can be combined with the new pouches. "Compared to the closed standard pouch, only three more components are needed so that the system is amortised within a very short time," says Hiesgen. In addition to the technical component, the flexibility and process reliability of the solution are is also impressive. A lateral drop is countered by a flexible side panel. In addition, there is constant control of the pouch closure through visual scanning.


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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Dematic is a member of the KION Group - a world leader in forklift and warehouse technology, related services and supply chain solutions. In more than 100 countries, the KION Group's logistics solutions optimise the flow of materials and information in factories, warehouses and distribution centres. The Group is Europe's largest manufacturer of industrial trucks, the world's number two and also a leading supplier of automation technology.

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