AutoStore®-System for C.E. Pattberg

Heusenstamm / Hattingen, 22 August 2018 – Dematic GmbH has installed an AutoStore® system at the gift and decoration ribbon manufacturer C.E. Pattberg GmbH & Co. KG in Hattingen. With the compact eaches picking system, the company optimises its storage space usage and automates picking at the same time. While the goods were previously stored in high-bay warehouses with a total of 6,000 square meters, the AutoStore® system now stores the majority of the articles in space of approximately 170 square meters. In addition to gaining space, the leading gift ribbon manufacturer in Europe will reduce both its costs and the picking error rate. Six months after the contract was signed, C.E. Pattberg put the system into operation.

"We had already committed ourselves to a miniload system. However, Dematic's analysis convinced us that the AutoStore® system fits our job specifications better," says Daniel Pattberg, CEO of C.E. Pattberg GmbH & Co. KG. Decisive factors were the high picking rate, the space-saving design and the flexible expansion options of the AutoStore® system. Until now, the company stored the gift and decorative ribbons in high-bay warehouses. The picking was done manually. Since both the personnel expense and the error rate were very high, C.E. Pattberg decided on the partial automation of their warehouse.

Frank Bredemeier, Dematic's Senior Sales Manager, explains: "There is no other system that stores small parts as compactly as AutoStore®." The majority of the goods, which were previously stored in high-bay warehouses totalling 6,000 square meters, are now stored by the one system in a space of approximately 170 square meters.

The Dematic's installed system in the C.E. Pattberg warehouse is comprised of 7,800 containers on 16 levels. Depending on the size, each container can accommodate between 13 and 300 items. On the surface there are eight robots, which access the required article containers when the order is received. Two picking stations, where the goods are manually removed and packaged, complete the system. With the AutoStore® system, C.E. Pattberg has significantly increased the productivity of order processing over the previous manual picking: for the approximately 1,100 picks per day, lower personnel expenditures are now required.

Around 70 percent of all orders at C.E. Pattberg come from the products stored in the AutoStore® system. Articles that cannot be stored in the system because of their size and need to be completed manually are stored in the high-bay warehouses. Among other things, the gift and decoration ribbon manufacturer uses the additional open space created in the warehouse for shipping, for example to handle large orders.

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