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Dematic nominated for The Logistics Middle East Awards 2022

The leader in Intelligent Automation Dematic has been nominated to Equipment Supplier of the Year at The Logistics Middle East Awards 2022 that will be celebrated on the 31 of March 2022. This category recognises equipment suppliers going above and beyond to push the logistics industry forward.

PepsiCo Pilots Micro-Fulfillment Center

State of the art facility in Chicago area will pack, pick and ship to ultimately provide learnings for a more efficient consumer experience

Automation After COVID-19: Pandemic Presses Food Manufacturers to Automate

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the food manufacturing industry, including upending food manufacturing operations, halting production, and slowing economic and technological progress.

WES: It’s for Warehouse Automation and More

Here’s how suppliers are addressing the need to manage automated and manual workflows, and apply machine learning and predictive models.

What Grocery Retailers Can Do to Address Demand Surges Now and in the Future

The current environment may well turn out to be a tipping point for grocery businesses to accelerate thoughtful investment in automation.

Three Tips for Retailers to Address Demand Surges

Inspired strategies for preparing for the unpredictable

L&R Distributors, Inc. and Dematic Design the Ultimate Shopping Experience to Be "U.S.E.F.U.L."

USEFUL = Ultimate Shopping Experience to Foster Ultimate Loyalty

The Coronavirus Is Spreading, but German Factories Keep Running

Social-distancing, hygiene measures and worker buy-in offer lessons for other countries

The Returns Race:

Increasing Returns Efficiency to Remain Profitable and Competitive

Faster Fulfilment

As logistics continues to embrace robotics, solutions-provider Dematic has introduced a new robotic picking module to improve accuracy and productivity

Flexible, scalable design at Canadian Tire

One of Canada’s largest retail brands took bulk handling to new levels of automation and efficiency at its new Ontario DC.

April 30, 2019

Waterloo software powering global growth for Dematic

In a few short years, Dematic's Waterloo software development office has grown to take on a leading role in the company's global operations.

Grocery fulfillment goes high-tech

E-commerce continues to change the grocery market, as companies seek to meet click-and-collect demands with innovative fulfillment solutions and strategies.

Scott Watts of Dematic

Scott Watts, executive vice president, North America, and CEO, Americas, at Dematic shares his views on the industry, experience and leadership, and the ongoing search for talent.

It’s in the bag

As retailers experience escalating volumes of ecommerce orders for ‘single’ or ‘few’ items, the challenges of a shrinking available labor pool is leading many to consider the benefits of fully automating the packing, bagging and labeling of dispatched goods.

Store Friendly Sequencing

Dematic, a global supplier of integrated automated technology, is championing a philosophy that helps retailers raise operational efficiency within stores, particularly department stores.

On Demand, on Time, and on the Money

Fortune Magazine recently featured supply-chain expert Dematic, and explained how the company enables retailers, grocers, and general merchandisers to meet the modern consumer’s desire for on-demand access to products. Now, Dematic’s leadership reveals the seismic shifts that will radically change how people and products come together.

Dematic Software Tracks Inventory at Lifeway

With 180 retail stores across the country and a dedicated customer base, Lifeway’s distribution center team uses a variety of systems to keep shipments running smoothly, such as Dematic software to track inventory.

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