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Dematic’s Advanced Computer Simulation Modelling Software

You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive; so why would you consider implementing a new logistics system without seeing how it is going to perform under a range of different operating conditions?

With Dematic’s advanced computer simulation modelling software, you can do just that: test drive your factory, warehouse or distribution centre operation before finalizing the system design.

When test driving a new car, you select the route you travel based on the features of the car that you want to exercise. Similarly when constructing a simulation model, the ‘route’ is selected depending upon the objectives of the study. Simulations can range from a simple Concept Animation to a highly complex Operational System Capability Study. 

Supply Chain Services uses a 3D modelling tool called AutoMOD to replicate the proposed material handling solution. Using actual customer data and projections, they can prove throughput, identify bottlenecks, refine software and controls logic, and compare various operational planning methods.

Simulation Applications

  • Solution Design - Explore alternative concepts and ensure that throughput goals can be achieved 
  • Project Implementation - Finalise decisions about layout, equipment and control algorithms 
  • System Upgrades - Analyse existing systems under alternative operating scenarios 
  • Manufacturing - Continuous improvement for processes and procedures 
  • Services Industries - Evaluate schedules and process flow 
  • Troubleshooting - Analyse problematic situations and constraints 

Customer Benefits

  • Provides visualisation of future system operation
  • Allows multiple scenario testing 
  • Ensures that the system will meet your strategic business goals
  • Validates the recommended system design 
  • Uses actual order data to verify system throughput 
  • Facilitates an in-depth understanding of your business operations 
  • Allows comparison of different equipment configurations 
  • Promotes informed decisions regarding equipment requirements 
  • Identifies system bottlenecks 
  • Tests various operational methodologies 
  • Provides an ability to ask "what if?" questions 
  • Allows the evaluation of system design changes against a baseline 
  • Verifies staffing requirements  

Services Available

  • On-site customer training 
  • Development of vertical simulation model applications for customer use 
  • Graphical User Interfaces 
  • Consulting and modeling support 
  • Data collection and analysis 
  • Turn-key solutions for simulation modeling projects 
  • High quality video production
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