Safety Standards for AGVs

Dematic AGV shown approaching a pallet of product in an automated warehouse

Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind for Driverless Forklift Systems

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are driverless vehicles that operate autonomously to transport materials within a facility. They are often cited as being safer than manually operated vehicles such as forklifts, but what exactly are the safety standards that AGVs adhere to?

Internationally, there are multiple standards authorities which set safety requirements for industrial machinery. Standards which relate to AGVs include: 

  • ISO 3691-4:2020 Industrial trucks — Safety requirements and verification — Part 4: Driverless industrial trucks and their systems

  • ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2019 Safety Standard for Driverless

  • Automatic Guided Industrial Vehicles and Automated Functions of Manned Industrial Vehicles 

  • UL 3100 Standard for Automated Mobile Platforms (AMPs)

These standards specify a clear procedure for achieving safety on an AGV system, for both manufacturers and operators.

Dematic AGVs are designed to meet or exceed these standards, so your AGV system operates safely, and your staff is protected by a range of safety features, such as:

  • 360° collision avoidance system with automatic slowing and stopping 

  • Easily accessible emergency stop buttons

  • Visual and audible warning and alarm lights

  • Redundant and safety-rated features

Dematic AGVs incorporate the most advanced safety technology and components along with a comprehensive safety package that includes both in-depth personnel training and environmental awareness. 

  • Navigational Laser Scanner

  • Safety Field Sensor - Front Curtain

  • Indicator & Sounder

  • Scanner Mast 

  • Manual Controller

  • Emergency Stop Button

  • Load Counterweight

  • Safety Field Sensor — Ground Level

  • Touch Screen Interface 

Dematic AGVs have a dynamic collision avoidance system that uses safety-rated laser scanners to detect obstacles. When an object enters the warning field, the AGV adjusts its speed accordingly. If the obstacle is still detected within the protective field, the AGV comes to a complete stop before contact is made. 

The AGV resumes operation approximately three seconds after it no longer detects the obstacle in its protective field. Otherwise, it will wait if the obstruction remains. Equipment left in the AGV path or people accidentally stepping into the path are protected from harm.

By preventing collisions of any kind, Dematic AGVs create a safe working environment for people while limiting damage to the facility and materials being transported. In addition, Dematic AGV systems provide these advantages over manual material transport:

  • Steady, limited speeds

  • Fully optimized for the specific environment

  • Defined, repetitive paths 

  • Highly accurate load placement

  • Standard visual and audible travel indicators

  • 24/7 reliable operation without fatigue

  • Improved product traceability 

  • Reduced bottlenecks

Dematic AGVs are guided by a highly accurate laser navigation system. Laser reflectors are located throughout the operation. Each AGV has a laser emitter/detector mounted on its top. It sends beams out to the reflectors, which bounce the light back to the AGV. The AGV uses the reflected light to calculate its exact position — both its location within the facility and its position relative to other AGVs. Dematic AGVs can then move throughout the facility with a location accuracy of ±5mm, which ensures highly accurate travel paths, precise picks, and drops of loads.

Alternative methods to standard laser navigation are also available, including magnetic spot sensors and wire guidance. This allows Dematic to customize AGV navigation to suit any production or warehouse environment.

Dematic AGV Systems — a partner in safety

When designing Dematic AGV systems, safety is our number one priority. Dematic AGVs have been designed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards, ensuring peace of mind for your business. With Dematic, you have the confidence in knowing that your products, equipment, and most importantly people are protected by a range of safety measures and features built into your AGV system.

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