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Storage and Material Flow Solutions for Production and Warehousing

Understanding how to meet changing market demands as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible is core to your business success.

The intense competition you face every day when getting products onto store shelves necessitates solutions that streamline processes and provide a competitive advantage.

Current challenges for consumer goods producers

Here are the three most common challenges your retail business is likely experiencing:

Adding workers to fix fulfilment problems is no longer a viable option. An aging workforce, high turnover rates and challenging work conditions are all making the situation even more difficult.

Successful strategies for the consumer goods producer industry

When one CPG/FMCG facility has inputs from a multitude of brands, from a host of manufacturing plants, they will often host operations in a Mixing Centre. The output from the Mixing Centres are complex pallets with a large SKU mix, often with a large percentage of small cube goods.

Dematic systems for Mixing Centres can include a broad range of technologies including automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), Dematic Pallet Storage, Dematic Multishuttle and robots for decanting, picking and palletising. These systems maximise inventory and order accuracy, minimise labour dependence and assure satisfying ever increasingly demanding retailer service level agreements (SLAs)

Manufacturing: Reliable Solutions to Keep Manufacturing Processes Humming

Whether you manufacture industrial components, electronics & appliances, vehicles, or heavy machinery, we can engineer a system to optimize your processes — inbound receiving, materials storage, work-in-process staging, kitting, finished inventory storage, and shipping.

Consumer good producer solutions to consider for your business

Dematic works with consumer goods producers to leverage our technology and software knowledge to deliver the right solution. Dematic engineers systems to support effective floor space use, 24 hour/day operation, balancing/sequencing of material flow, scalability and uptime availability. Our software provides real-time control, visibility and operational insights.

Manufacturing Logistics

Understanding how to meet changing market demands as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible is core to the success of your business. And it is a never-ending challenge because technology and service expectations are constantly changing.

What criteria should you use when evaluating a consumer goods fulfilment automation partner?

Dematic’s long history of success in consumer goods logistics helps us understand and solve your most pressing business challenges. We offer differentiated solutions that increase accuracy, productivity and efficiency. We have a large solution portfolio that spans multiple customer sizes and growth paths that expand as your business grows.

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