Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

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Deciding how to respond to changing needs in your business can be a daunting task.  With the growth of e-commerce, businesses are facing more challenges to meet consumer demands efficiently and accurately. There is also a growing need to scale operations within current facility layouts and footprints while providing an enhanced experience for your employees - all without impacting operations. The need for warehouse automation has accelerated and reliable technology is essential for you to evolve and modernise your key operations.

Like you, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) detect their environment and adapt accordingly. AMRs are industrial robots that lift and transport materials within your facility. They safely navigate around people, equipment, and inventory by reading QR codes on the facility floor or by using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to sense surroundings and obstructions. 

Results you can’t bolt down

Dematic AMRs allow you to tackle your business challenges by providing immediate value within your warehouse environment. Implementing this intelligent automation allows you to address things such as the need for faster fulfilment in tighter spaces or labour gaps. Dematic AMRs create agility with results you can’t bolt down.

Benefits of AMRs


  • Scale up or scale down operations as needed to accommodate changes, growth, or processes
  • No fixed routes exist – Dematic AMRs can be adjusted quickly to accommodate a new route or create a new “room” in the warehouse
  • If faced with an obstacle, Dematic AMRs can seamlessly find an alternative path


  • Dematic AMRs have laser technology that help the AMR detect and avoid obstructions in its path
  • CE Certified Units - Dematic AMRs are CE certified and meet health, safety, and environmental standards to work with humans
  • Dematic AMRs help reduce manual forklift accidents


  • Free up limited labour for value added tasks

Easy to Install

  • Quick implementation (weeks)
  • Lower cost to operate/maintain in comparison to manual fork trucks 
  • Less time and effort for installation than traditional automated solutions

Trusted Technology and Service

  • Dematic AMRs are backed by Dematic Solutions, Software, and Services, helping our customers get the most out of their investment
  • Enhance current operations and provide better service levels to end customers

Built for the Future

  • Quickly and easily add AMRs to increase throughput as your operation grows


Autonomous Mobile Robots

Safe. Efficient. Flexible. Reliable.

What are the typical applications for Autonomous Mobile Robots within the warehouse?

Dematic Pallet Mover AMRs offer flexible of transportation within the warehouse and open up expanses of space typically consumed by conveyors. These robots transport goods and materials throughout your warehouse using environmental features to safely navigate around people, equipment, and inventory.


  • Moving pallets between functional areas
  • Line-side supply and delivery
  • Small and large assembly platforms
Dematic AMRs can move between or integrate with a wide variety of products and solutions

Micro-Fulfilment: Dematic Micro-Fulfilment solutions automate order fulfilment in a footprint that can fit within the backroom of a retail store or small warehouse, allowing business operations to be closer to the consumer and overcome the challenges associated with urbanisation.

Conveyor: The task of processing large quantities of inventory is ideal for conveyor. Systems handle cartons, cases, totes, bags, and stuffed envelopes and can move to pallets, skids, gaylords, tubs, and wheeled carts.

AutoStore: The AutoStoreTM storage and fulfilment system, powered by Dematic, is a compact, scalable robotic storage and piece picking solution that flexes with your customers’ demands so that your supply chain is always ready.

Mixed-Case Fulfilment: The Dematic Mixed Case Fulfilment solution is a high-performance solution for operations that transform SKU pure pallets into mixed case pallets designed for aisle readiness and compact transportation. The solution reduces transportation costs with optimally sized pallet loads and decreases the need for warehouse operational staff.

Pallet Storage: Dematic offers a wide range of storage solutions designed to minimise and mobilise your stock. We can help you organise and control inventory on pallets.

AGVs: AGVs offer a modern, economical, and safe way for distribution and production operations to scale up throughput with flexible automation instead of adding more labour, physical space, or bulky equipment.


Seamless AMR installation, integration and ongoing support

Dematic is dedicated to your success and is a “one-stop-shop” for all of your mobile and flexible automation needs. Whether you invest in just AMRs or you purchase them as part of larger solution for your facility, our trained consultants ensure your technology is seamlessly integrated and optimised for your operations.

Additionally, you automatically receive ongoing support for your solution from day one. Dematic Lifecycle Services will ensure that the launch of your solution is executed to your expectations, your solution is maintained with ongoing support including maintenance and repairs, and that Dematic is there as you grow with Lifecycle and Continuity Planning.

With Dematic as your trusted partner, you can feel confident in your investment. Our history and industry experience allow us to create a premium experience for our customers. We take the time to understand what is important to you and incorporate our deep knowledge into developing solutions that help optimise your business operations for today and beyond.

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