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Connecting Facility Operations, Maintenance, and Analytics into a Single Ecosystem

Software is the beating heart of any supply chain automation solution, and it ensures that your operations can keep up with consumer demands in a rapidly-changing environment. 

Delivering intelligent adaptability, Dematic Operate software connects facility operations, maintenance, and analytics into a single, comprehensive ecosystem. The modular design ensures full versatility across all types of material handling for production and distribution operations.

Using a holistic, operation-wide approach to order fulfilment and facility lifecycle management, Dematic Operate provides reliability, efficiency, and speed to help reduce cycle times and ship faster without sacrificing order accuracy or operational agility. It covers the full spectrum of warehouse operations — from entirely manual to semi-automated to fully automated facilities.

Delivering operational efficiency within a warehouse, distribution centre, or production facility

Let’s look at how Dematic Operate can optimise operations within your facility. When considering the key KPIs, it’s easy to see the advantages.

Dematic Operate makes decisions in real time throughout the facility. For example, it uses continuous flow order release methodologies to cut cycle time for critical orders. If an order is urgent, the software can instantly make it priority and a holistic integration (from order management through to machine operation) allows the priority order to be fulfiled as quickly as possible. 

The software also provides advanced reporting and analytics to help you make informed and insightful decisions. Once in place, Dematic Connect increases throughput and reduces operational costs using these and other optimisation features:

With Dematic Operate, faster ship times don’t impact accuracy. The software offers full facility emulation prior to go-live to test a variety of scenarios — including exception handling — to anticipate and solve production before they happen. Dematic Operate also generates complete work logs and reports for easy drill down and audit capabilities. 

Finally, Dematic Operate synchronises your manual and automated processes to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce dependencies and allow your facility to operate at maximum efficiency.

A web-based asset management solution that standardises, streamlines, and automates processes in maintenance management.

Dematic Software improves workflow execution and adoption, and effectively eliminates the unnecessary costs normally associated with documenting maintenance activities.
It's a robust and flexible solution for managing assets and all related activities. This includes physical locations, equipment, people, purchasing, ordering, receiving, inventory, work orders, preventive maintenance, inspections, reporting, graphs and metre readings collected from third-party providers.

Optimise Your Approach to Maintenance

By standardising your maintenance processes on Dematic Operate, you'll reduce maintenance costs, increase labour efficiency and reduce excess inventory — all while increasing equipment uptime.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs. Determine asset life cycle by comparing preventive to reactive repairs to better forecast future maintenance needs.
  • Increase Equipment Uptime. Minimise downtime and reactive repairs through systematic equipment checks, and customise metre thresholds for your warehouse assets to identify potential issues before they become detrimental to machine health.
  • Increase Labour Efficiency. Track technician work orders and time to better schedule maintenance tasks and institute best practices in your facility.
  • Reduce Excess Inventory. Control purchases and approvals, bar code inventory, validate spare parts, and manage tools for better resource and lead-time planning.
  • Connect to the Bigger Picture. Dematic Operate offers universal connectivity to your existing systems, making maintenance data available to finance for analysis and HR for user security.

Your Process, Your Way

Dematic Operate is a streamlined solution that fits into your workflow without expensive customisation or coding. It features a modular architecture that addresses each critical area necessary to maintain your facility assets.

  • Work management: effectively manage and schedule maintenance activities and resources.
  • Inspections: streamline quality assurance checks, safety and hazard inspections, metre readings, and more.
  • Reporting and dashboards: view vital maintenance information on a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Inventory: track purchases and approvals, inventory and spare parts, and tools.
  • Preventative maintenance: define, schedule, and automate work orders to optimise performance and avoid downtime.
  • Mobile: track time and access data from anywhere in the facility.

If your facility assets include Dematic intralogistics systems, Dematic Software makes life even easier:

  • Preloaded assets and plans: immediately access Dematic equipment details, technical manuals, and spare parts lists, as well as preventative maintenance plans and schedules recommended by Dematic engineers.
  • Integrated parts catalog: purchase spare parts with ease, thanks to a direct connection to the Dematic online parts catalog.

While customisation isn't necessary, Dematic Operate is still configurable to meet the unique needs of your maintenance program and operational processes. It's also scalable to manage a single site or multiple sites worldwide.

Choosing the right software partner now will determine future success.

Because software is the beating heart of your supply chain solution, your software partner must be able to solve your technical and business challenges. We have a dedicated team of experts that support customers throughout the transition from start to finish, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle.

Dematic technical experts’ first priority is making your implementations run smoothly. We work in partnership with your teams to ensure that every stage of the process is managed effectively.  

We draw upon decades of experience to deliver complex software solutions that transform supply chains. Using the latest research and development, we work with you to identify your current software requirements for peak operational efficiency and plan for future requirements to ensure your supply chain solution will scale to meet growth targets. 

By understanding the aspects of logistics effectiveness within your facility, you can benchmark productivity, identify opportunities for improvement, and remove waste.

  • Availability: The impact of interruptions to planned operations
  • Performance: The overall process speed, labour productivity, and equipment utilisation of your operation compared to top capacity
  • Quality: The frequency of inaccuracies in inventory or order fulfilment

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