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Innovation at Dematic

Intelligent Logistics Solutions - A History of Innovation

At Dematic we believe that an intelligent solution is one that has been correctly applied. At times that may be based on standard technology but at other times it could involve innovation. As business leaders are well aware, innovation is a major competitive driver. Dematic recognizes this and continually strives to deliver innovative solutions that lead to a competitive advantage.


We also recognize that new technology is not the only form of innovation. Dematic often helps customers innovate by combining ideas, developing and implementing new processes


Long history of innovation

Dematic has an impressive pedigree as an innovator.  In an industry where major innovations are often decades apart, during its formative years as Mannesmann – Demag – Rapistan - Colby, Dematic led the way.  From the development of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), to the pioneering of high speed sortation and accumulation, Dematic has been at the forefront of the logistics and materials handling innovation.


Today, Dematic is continuing to break new frontiers. The revolutionary Dematic Multishuttle® for buffering and sequencing is an outstanding example. So too is the step change advance in high speed order assembly for mixed case goods as well as our latest high speed sorter, the S-L300 combined with RS Flex controls.


We are proud of our history of innovation and as innovation leader, and we will continue to add to our industry new concepts and solutions that will give our customers added value.

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