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 Facts & Figures
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Facts & Figures

  • Employees: over 4,000 worldwide

  • Installed base: over 5,000 systems
  • Global business volume: around 1 billion Euros (USD 1.3 billion)

Creating Logistics Results

 "Creating logistics results" - This is our motto. For you, it means we want to create benefit you can see—from shorter throughput times to greater service to lower capital lockup in warehouses and distribution centers.


These are the facts: 


  • Cost reduction - by implementing only the optimum degree of automation, through efficient use of available space and by building up a standardized IT landscape that can be further developed at optimum cost.
  • Improvement of your service level - with solutions that increase the throughput, speed and precision of your deliveries to the end customer or to the individual store.
  • Faster return on investment - through value-creating systems that are geared precisely to your operational requirements to produce big savings right from the very start.
  • Higher transparency – through the use of end-to-end solutions such as RFID for accurate tracking & tracing over the entire logistics chain.
  • Reduced complexity – by using industry-wide open standards to cut the number of interfaces to a minimum, and through the intelligent and logical combination of technology and people.