Inbound Handling

Where Supply Chain Optimisation Begins

Inbound handling solutions streamline and organize the processes for bringing materials into your facility, whether they are raw materials for manufacturing, finished goods for distribution, or returned merchandise that feeds back into inventory. Dematic iQ software guides each process to reduce the labour associated with processing inbound materials.


Dematic Merchandise Returns System

The Dematic Merchandise Returns System is a pre-engineered returns handling system managed by Dematic iQ software. The system interfaces with devices such as auto-baggers and other sub-systems including storage, picking, and Dematic Multishuttle® and Pouch Systems to buffer, sequence, sort, and consolidate returned orders.

Typical Solutions

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Dematic iQ Performance Optimising Software

Dematic iQ delivers advanced workflow efficiencies and intelligent adaptability by connecting fulfilment, operations, maintenance, and analytics into one comprehensive ecosystem.

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