Our SAP LES and SAP WM services

SAP LES is a part of SAP ERP. The application scope of this component includes manual and automated warehouses. Besides management of inventory and resources, LES supports complete handling of customer orders, including picking.

Many customers face the task of replacing existing logistics systems. In doing so, they want to benefit from the advantages which integrated SAP software offers. Dematic has already carried out many migrations to SAP LES and proven its outstanding know how. The migration usually takes place during ongoing site operation. Using our intelligent migration concepts, a disturbance of delivery capacity is avoided.

SAP WM Warehouse Management

If the SAP warehouse module is not installed as a centralised solution (LES), but within a central ERP system, then you can use the SAP WM warehouse module.

SAP EWM Lagermonitor

Warehouse management with SAP LES offers broad functions for storage, retrieval and transfer of goods both in distribution centres and production warehouses. These functions are suitable for both small and large warehouses, as well as simple and complex warehouses.

The warehouse management software supports you with:

  • Inventory maintenance
  • Storage location management
  • RF data transmission
  • Handling unit management (support for EAN / UCC 128)
  • Shortest path selection in the warehouse (TRM)
  • Yard management
  • Cross docking
  • Value added services
  • Reporting

The warehouse management software can be used as a local system which communicates with several central systems or as part of a central system.

As a manufacturer of material handling equipment, Dematic offers a unique perspective and knowledge in SAP warehouse automation.

Depending on specific requirements, Dematic also offers the direct link of SAP to the material handling equipment via Dematic Subdriver. Here the LES can be utilised with or without TRM.

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