Conveyor Systems:

Embedded Towline System

Reliable Transport and Sorting of Products

The Dematic Etow embedded towline system is an in-floor chain conveyor for continuous transport through fixed routes.

Dematic Etow is well-suited for large transport volumes across long distances in logistics, cross docking, distribution, as well as medium and heavy load transport in assembly line operations and between assembly zones.

Benefits of Embedded Towline Systems

  • Reliable High-Performance: Durable, long-life components provide years of productivity when transporting large volumes and loads that are difficult to move through the production process.
  • User Friendly: The system is extremely easy to use — operators simply connect new carriers onto the chain tow conveyor or take them off. A variety of carrier options simplifies selecting the right carrier.
  • Safe: The embedded towline follows a fixed route with clear markings on the floor. The constant speed and fixed route create a safer working environment, especially compared with traditional forklift traffic. Because the system is fully integrated in the floor, you can make full use of the available floor space.

Typical Solution Applications

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Dematic Etow Embedded Towline System

Increase your transport capacity with reliable and high-performing in-floor chain tow conveyors.

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