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Sortation Systems

Designed for the diverse product handling and high throughput

Dematic engineers and manufactures a comprehensive line of sortation systems designed for the diverse product handling and high throughput requirements of today’s warehousing and distribution centers. We are pioneers in the development of medium and high-rate systems with standardized controls and software that help optimize warehouse operations and provide supply chain visualization.


High-rate sortation systems with advanced levels of user control

Our high-rate sortation systems feature an advanced controls system that includes visualization and functional control of the merge, induct, and sortation subsystems. The controls system is accessed through the Dematic IT Portal, a web-enabled browser based interface for all Director IT Warehouse Control Suite (WCS). These sortation systems provide advanced levels of user control for management of merge to sortation hardware, visualization, diagnostics, and performance monitoring.


Used by leading companies

Dematic sortation systems are used by leading general merchandise retailers and distributors, drug store, 3PL, catalog, home, hardware, parcel and freight, and other companies requiring high speed, reliable product and package sortation.

Linear Sorters
Linear (Sliding Shoe) Sorters
Robust linear sortation performance suitable for throughput rates of 9,000 to 24,000 items per hour.
Circular Sorters
Dematic Circular Sorters
Highly accurate, high-speed sorters for transporting a diverse range of goods.
Divert Systems
Dematic Divert Systems
The range of in-line sorters include devices to sort from 5 to 80 cases per minute.