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 SAP Solutions
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SAP Solutions

for intra-logistics, warehouse management and material flow

Automated logistics systems are designed to meet customer requirements for an average of 10 to 15 years. Anyone looking for a new solution should consider carefully which concepts will meet your needs both today and in the future.


This applies not only to new installations. The logistic environment, logistic processes and the IT landscape may change in existing plants as well. Updates should be easily implemented.


 SAP Partner
  • Partnerships between SAP and Dematic ensure Dematic’s SAP expertise.

  • Dematic knows at an early stage the direction SAP is moving and develops solutions which are future-proof.

  • Dematic has implemented numerous SAP logistics projects in both manual and highly automated environments and therefore is best qualified for competent SAP consulting for your logistics.


The focus in SAP consultating today is on the implementation of SAP EWM and SAP LES, regardless of whether you have a pure IT project (stand-alone IT), intend to modernize an existing facility, or build a new logistics center. Dematic develops logistics solutions using both established and innovative processes which are tailored to our customer’s business processes.


Dematic specializes in integrating all systems – top down from host to material handling equipment – into a complete system. Dematic also implements special features such as triple-deep storage.

 Dematic SAP Solution Portfolio
SAP EWM Solutions
SAP EWM Solutions
Dematic offers our own EWM templates to facilitate system implementation. These are implemented in customaizable tables.
SAP LES&Modules
SAP LES & Modules
SAP LES supports the management of inventory and resources as well as the complete handling of customer orders including picking. Dematic has already implemented many migrations to SAP LES and proven its outstanding knowledge.
Sub-Suite 2.0
Dematic Sub-Suite 2.0
The Dematic solution for the simple and efficient support of bi-directional communication between SAP and sub-systems - such as Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light or PLC controls systems.
SAP Transport Management
SAP Transport Management
With Transportation Management SAP offers a special module within SAP SCM which includes all activities associated with the physical movement of goods from one place to another.
Project Methodology
Project Methodology
Success is ensured through a standardized project methodology: feasibility studies, SAP logictics consulting, business blueprint, emulation, implementation, testing, migration, integration of sub-systems, trainings and information.
Benefits include adaptability, inexpensive system administration, software update stability, high quality standards, high system availability, excellent TCO / ROI, and Dematic service offerings.