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 Case and Tote conveyor systems
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Tote & Case Conveyors, Package Conveyors

High performance and quality: Roller and belt conveyors, curves and junctions, diverts and merges, accumulation conveyors

Dematic’s conveyor systems offer the highest standard in quality and reliable performance. Each day, Dematic conveyors transport millions of cartons, totes, and pallets, for thousands of kilometres, in warehouses, DCs and factories throughout the world. Dematic continues to lead the way in conveyor technology with the broadest range of solutions and a reputation for delivering cost-effective systems that give years of reliable service in large or small applications.


The Dematic conveyor range includes:

  • Roller and belt conveyor
  • Curves and junctions
  • Diverts and merges
  • Accumulation conveyor
 Case & Tote Conveyors

Benefits of Conveyors:

  • Lower handling costs for repetitive tasks

  • High performance and quality
  • Integrated material flow controls
  • Efficiently moving products between processes
  • Accumulation without line pressure
  • Merging and diverting for balanced workload
  • Latest controls technology
Dematic Modular Conveyor System
 Dematic Modular Conveyor System

Dematic Modular Conveyor System, or Dematic MCS, is a totally integrated package conveyor technology. Whether you are handling cases, totes, trays, poly bags, or parcel envelopes, Dematic MCS offers a complete range of modules to create a highly efficient material flow configuration.


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