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 Quad-Belt Sorter
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Circular Sorters

Highly accurate, high speed sorters for transporting a diverse range of goods.

Crossbelt Sorter
Dematic Crossbelt Sorter
Highly accurate, high speed bi-directional sorters which transports goods safely and gently to their destinations, regardless of their shape, size and surface characteristics.
Tilt-Tray Sorter
Dematic Tilt-Tray Sorter
The Dematic Tilt-Tray Sorter represents best in class; it provides ultra accurate high speed sortation for a wide product mix.
Quad-Belt Sorter
Dematic Quad-Belt Sorter
The patented Dematic Quad Sorter is the highest performance sorter in the market. It represents the leading edge in crossbelt sorters with 4 independent cells per carrier.