Simulation Modeling Optimizes Performance of the Factory, Warehouse, or Distribution Center


Would you buy a car without a test drive; so why implement a new logistics system without testing it? With computer simulation modeling software you can do just that: test drive your factory, warehouse or distribution center operation before finalizing the system design. When test driving a new car, you select the route you travel based on the features of the car that you want to exercise. Similarly when constructing a simulation model, the ‘route’ is selected depending upon the objectives of the study. 

Figure 1 displays four different simulation categories (chevrons), the potential system components (boxes) and the component interface points (double-headed arrows). The Mechanical System component includes all material handling equipment. The scope of the different categories is depicted by the semi-transparent objects (ovals and triangle). Simulations can range from a simple Concept Animation to a highly complex Operational System Capability Study.

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