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Dematic Pallet Storage System

The most efficient Way to store Pallets

Whether standard pallets, bulky or refrigerated goods - storage is a fundamental requirement for every distribution centre. Automated storage offers significant added value compared to manual processes.

Dematic’s high-bay pallet warehouses are designed to quickly process flows of goods, prevent damage and increase productivity and accuracy. They save floor space, time and money.

With the Pallet Storage Solution, Dematic offers you an integrated solution that meets your current and future pallet storage requirements. Dematic Pallet Storage is a modular pallet high-bay warehouse solution that you can configure and expand according to your needs. The solution is cost-effective, compact and efficient, as it can adapt to your operational development and grow with you. Dematic Pallet Storage is the basis for all your future automation projects.

The most diverse warehouse functions can be mapped with an automatic pallet high-bay warehouse:

  • Storage of raw material for production
  • Finished goods warehouse
  • Intermediate storage buffer for a short time
  • Sequencing for goods dispatch

Special functions are also possible, for example:

  • Air-conditioned warehouse for fresh goods and dairy products with special requirements for cleanliness
  • Deep-freeze storage down to -25 degrees Celsius
  • Stratified storage for different temperature zones
  • Storage of particularly bulky goods such as cable drums, coils, furniture, car parts or chassis

The investment in an automated warehouse is a measure to secure the future, because it eliminates a number of risk factors. The biggest item here is the reduction of manual processes, because manpower is the biggest cost driver and is subject to the strongest labour law and health restrictions. In addition, unfocused workers cause mistakes which at best lead to incomplete delivery and angry customers - or at worst to serious damage to people and materials.

Dematic Pallet Storage

Benefits of the Dematic Pallate Storage System

  • Due to the more compact design and multiple depth storage, a higher storage density is achieved than with manual storage.
  • Greater storage heights are possible than with a forklift-operated warehouse.
  • The storage cubature is smaller, which results in lower costs for construction and the building envelope.
  • In addition, it is possible to construct a structural unit of rack and building envelope (silo construction).
  • Operation as an oxygen-reduced warehouse is possible - expensive sprinkler systems are not required.
  • The personnel costs are lower because fewer workers are required to operate the warehouse.
  • This results in lower additional costs for e.g. light, heat, air conditioning, ancillary rooms etc.
  • The reduction of manual activities also means a lower safety risk for people and materials.
  • The frequency of errors is reduced because many more processes are automated.
  • The goods in the high rack are protected against falling, breakage and shrinkage.

How to configure your Warehouse

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Is it worthwhile to automate the manual pallet warehouse? A guide.

Many medium-sized and large companies accross Europe want to expand into the predominant form of storage - the pallet warehouse. Regardless of your reason to upgrade, you will need to choose between a manual or automated warehouses. Many considerations must be taken into account as part of the decision-making process...

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The Challenge:
Every day, an average of around 1,000 orders are picked in the logistics centre at the headquarters in Hemmingen and prepared for shipment to over 90 countries. The logistics centre enables customers to keep their storage costs low while at the same time ensuring a high level of supply security.

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