Storage and Buffering:

Tote (Carton) Storage

Save Labour Costs, Increase Speed and Accuracy

Dematic has the right solution fast, high-density, and accurate storage for high volumes of variable size cases or totes. Dematic Tote (Carton) Storage solutions offer a wide range of high-density multi-deep options for long-term storage as well as inventory buffers for high-speed sequencing and fulfilment applications.

Dematic automated tote (carton) storage is energy efficient and offers consistent operation in a variety of extreme environments, including chilled and freezer. In addition, Dematic Tote (Carton) Storage solutions secure inventory to prevent shrinkage (stolen or lost inventory), reduce damage, and enhance order fulfilment accuracy.

Automated operation not only lowers labour costs but also ensures optimal first-in, first-out inventory rotation. It’s all managed by Dematic iQ Optimise software to ensure smooth, efficient, and simple operation in a limited space.

How Tote (Carton) Storage Works

  1. Cases, totes, or pans are delivered by conveyor to a storage buffer system (Dematic Multishuttle®, Mini-Load AS/RS, or AutoStore). 
  2. The system selects the best storage locations and automatically transports the incoming containers to designated rack locations.
  3. When needed, the system automatically retrieves containers from the rack and delivers them to outbound drop-off locations.
Tote (Carton) Storage

Dematic Products for Tote (Carton) Storage Solutions

  • Case & Tote Conveyors: Integrated package conveyor technology designed to provide flexible solutions.
  • Mini-Load AS/RS: Highly flexible, energy-efficient storage and retrieval systems.
  • Dematic Multishuttle: Next-generation shuttle AS/RS for automated storage and retrieval of cartons, small parts, or other stored goods.
  • AutoStore: Ultra-high density storage and buffer system ideal for piece picking.
  • Software: Dematic iQ Optimise software is a Warehouse Execution System that optimizes labour, equipment, and processes. Dematic InSights software unifies all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.
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