Convey and Transport

Efficient Movement of Goods Anywhere in Your Facility

Dematic offers a portfolio of transport solutions for moving a wide variety of materials — from individual items to cases to large pallets. Transport technologies include overhead garment-on-hanger and pouch systems for individual items, robust conveyors for cases and pallets, and automated guided vehicles (autonomous robotic forklifts) for cases and pallets. No matter the items being transported or how, Dematic iQ software keeps them moving quickly and safely.


Dematic Modular Conveyor System

Dematic Modular Conveyor System (Dematic MCS) is a totally integrated package conveyor technology. Whether handling cases, totes, trays, poly bags, or parcel envelopes, Dematic MCS transports them efficiently and effectively.

Typical Solutions

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Case Study

AER Manufacturing

The Challenge:
AER Manufacturing builds all components and completes final assembly of OEM replacement motors for major automobile manufacturers. AER replaced an aging AGV system with Dematic Compact Tuggers.

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